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Flight Models from Non-Steam Version

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#1 Incryptx

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Posted 20 June 2016 - 17:35



I have been purchasing either stand alone planes, or skins, or flight models, in whatever form sold through this site for the non-steam version of the game, now called United.


I also believe I can install the non-steam version and still have access to the licensed aircraft I still own.


Now, installing the Steam Version, I find that I had to "register the keys" for each DLC I now own, but still see all the "keys" for the aircraft that are now "NOT COMPATIBLE" with my Steam Version?


What prevents these aircraft and their keys from being compatible and available in the Steam Version, as they are mostly a "stand-alone" DLC for one aircraft model.


I see no reasons at all, except for lack of development desire, to make these aircraft and the keys for the non-steam version, to be available in the steam version, as DLC's or MOD's we could subscribe to, and having a key, would then present the aircraft in the game.


So, now to use the keys I paid for, I have two copies of this game, with different aircraft for each, taking up way too much space and effort to fly my favorite (and paid for) aircraft.


We can "Unite" the simulator, but not the aircraft?


Give me a break.

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#2 FourSpeed

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Posted 20 June 2016 - 17:56

It's my understanding that what "prevents" that compatibility is a legal agreement between 777 and Steam along the lines of:


Hypothetical Conversation


Steam: Sure, We'll host your game on our platform, and (possibly / probably?) give you a cut of our Sales  ...  BUT ... we get to control the DLC for our version of it.


777:  Ok, we'd be ecstatic to have you host the game for your (very large) customer base if we can get x% of sales revenue. You can control your DLC, but we will still maintain our store for people who didn't buy on steam.


In short, the content is exactly the same -- but, I believe, the nature of the agreement between the two companies is why they're "incompatible" between Steam DLC and RoF Store.




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#3 J2_Trupobaw

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Posted 20 June 2016 - 22:24

The RoF program and players RoF account (that you use to log into game, and that stores your planes) are separate things.

The store and steam programs are free to play and identical. They accept all user accounts. If you want to play steam RoF with oyur old account and planes you own, you can - just download the game from steam and log in as always.

The user accounts should have planes bought at steam or store, but not both. The planes are same, you just can't buy them in both stores.

If you buy steam DLC and use the key to add planes for RoF account, that account will not let you buy planes from store anymore. If you buy planes from store... you can add steam DLCs to your store account (looks like you did), but it's one way journey. If you have planes bought from steam, you can buy only from steam.


Four, the hypotheical discussion more likely went like this:

Steam:  Sure, we'll host your game on our platform and let you use our  built-in DLC mechanism to sell your planes more efficiently to our very large customer base... but you make sure these customers won't leave steam and buy more planes from your store once they are hooked.


777:  Ok, we'll lock out steam customers from our store, but won't lock out any users from any version of game program.   

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#4 Incryptx

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Posted 22 June 2016 - 00:53

All in all, that's just a bunch of non-sense.


I can see both sets of "Planes from RoF Store" and "DLC's from Steam", and although I paid RoF directly for the planes in the RoF store, I'm NOT going to pay steam for the same planes again.


Correct me if I am mistaken, but the planes I purchased in the RoF store were "mods" and "skins" and not the same planes as offered inside the DLC packs being offered at steam.


"The user accounts should have planes bought at steam or store, but not both. The planes are same, you just can't buy them in both stores."


I have BOTH the Steam DLC's and the Planes bought from RoF in my user account, and since I can buy NO MORE Planes from the RoF, then the only way to get those planes which have been MODDED (in the RoF Store) is to buy them again from Steam, which you now say I cannot do. Or is it the purchase of more planes from the RoF store, to use at Steam.


In any event, it's a mess now for your users, wrapped in legal mumbo-jumbo, and again denying the customer what we paid for due to YOUR (RoF's) new avenue of game release. You split the venue in half, and have different content for both, while denying customers access to previous purchases because they chose Steam store over the RoF store. Eventually, you will abandon the RoF store (As Elite Dangerous has done) in favor of Steam, and then our paid for content will disappear all together.


Now, if I own a plane or plane mod in RoF and have a key, I should be able to "purchase" that same plane in Steam, and use my EXISTING PAID FOR KEYS", regardless of which store it was originally purchased from.


This is also why I quit buying and playing with games like the LOMAC series, the BlackShark Series, and now the DCS Series, as the changes in the stores, and the grouping of these into "one delivery engine" has cost me too much in grief and money, as well as many lost plane skins, mods, and flight models. And now they are on Steam, with no compatibility or support for previous add-ons for the same exact NON-STEAM game, which still works just fine.


In the end, we will all have "the stand-alone game and add-ons", with the "Steam version of the same game", and two different sets of add-ons and mods, not compatible with each other.


What a mess this is becoming, and it is only getting worse, not better.


Now, Microsoft put their "Flight Sim" on Steam, and all the add-ons and mods, with very few exceptions, will work on Steam, regardless of where they came from, and I don't have these problems on that flight sim platform. So, as you can imagine, I have quite a stable of aircraft.


The more aircraft I buy from 777, the less aircraft I have, and the less and less it works with any delivery or sales platform.


My only point here is the KEYS to my aircraft mod or skin purchased through the RoF store, should work on Steam to take in those previous customers "WHO ALREADY SPENT MONEY ON NON-STEAM ADD-ON CONTENT", and installed the same game they already own, on Steam, whether or not sales of Store based content is extended to NEW CUSTOMERS of either store in the future.


You support your existing customers, regardless of what sales venue or delivery system you decide to use, and your legal disagreements are not customer ISSUES, and should not be taken out on us.


I certainly won't be BUYING anything else for this game, not until you honor the KEYS I already have on Steam.


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#5 =HillBilly=

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Posted 22 June 2016 - 02:03

Wow dude I'm sorry you are having so much self inflicted pain, but one question.   Why would you buy a Steam account if you already had a non Steam account with extra planes?

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#6 J5_Spyboy

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Posted 07 July 2016 - 14:42

Maybe he has some Steam games already Billy, but I agree the logic is baffling!

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#7 ChiefRedCloud

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Posted 07 July 2016 - 15:30

I truelly hate that you have fallen into this trap. And nothing we say here will solve your problem, I'm certain of that. I understand the comment Spyboy made about Steam convienance, but it looks like you should have taken some time to explore your options or perhaps pose your question(s) here first. As for DCS, well they got wise and tried to solve their Steam issues though I'm certain that many like yourself got taken in. I like Steam for what it is and am not bad mouthing it. But I am thankful it was not around when I discovered Rise of Flight. But then it wasn't free to play when i bought the biggest package they had at the time. Nearly $300 later (give or take) I'm still quite happy with it.


My thoughts is for you to only buy from the STORE for this product and thoselike DCS and write off your losesses. No, it isn't fair but you have no options that I see. Either write it ALL off or suck up your loss and continue to play and excellent flight sim of the early age of flight.



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#8 bifcondor

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Posted 26 November 2016 - 10:04

$1.67 for most aircraft until 29 November!
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#9 Cybermat47

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Posted 26 November 2016 - 10:08

$1.67 for most aircraft until 29 November!


I think he's left for good. He hasn't been on the forum since making his last post in this thread.

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