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Fritz Flipitz Lesson 1 Mod Pack v1.0

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#1 Tzar

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Posted 15 March 2016 - 22:52

Hex Mod Training Class v1.0                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          By: Fritz Flipitz


I take no responsibility for any mistakes, you make to your game files.


A Full-Backup is always recommended, NOT REQUIRED, ALL FILES ARE PROVIDED BY ME for this lesson.

You should “never be working with your original game files” and only the files I have provided for you.

What you create with this information after the lessons is entirely upon you!


Things we needed before we start.


Fritz Flipitz Lesson 1 Mod Pack v1.0 Needed for Lessons

Notepad ++ Needed for Lessons

JSGME Needed for Lessons

A Basic understanding of editing files, ROF Mission Editor Needed for Lessons

UNGTP Required for advanced lessons. (Not needed for this Lesson)

Graphics Program Required for advanced lessons. (Not needed for this Lesson)


Criteria to think about when making your own mod

Naming conventions – It is important to follow a pattern in all of the work you create.

Russian – Ru – Followed by a Number, two digits if possible – 01

Russian Navy Rn – Followed by a Number, two digits if possible – 01


After creating your mod, someone may want to edit it, or you may want to make new versions later. So leave room for those options, and use a standardized name, and two digit numbers. Example: InfantryRussian or InfantryRuss_01 Both use 15 characters but the second name allows the list of objects to grow while keeping the naming convention orderly.


Modders should take note: As infantry.dds leaves no room for growth, try to add at least 3 digits to the end of your files.


Hex'ersNever Change” the original original naming convention in the mod you are editing. Example, infantry.tga to infantry_01.dds.

The original naming convention of 8.3 changed to 11.3 – You just destroyed your model and when you load it up, yeah it looks like a bad car wreck.

The .tga appears to be the original graphics file type and has been replaced by .dds  (hint, search for .tga when trying to find graphics files in mods as it may not be .dds)


Start small, understand what you are working with and expand as you go.


Use notepad++ to edit files per my instructions use any other text editor at your own risk. I will be referring to options that I know exist in notepad ++.


More things to do before we start.

Install JSGME (see info in ROF Forums)

Install Notepad++

Download the Fritz_Flipitz_Lesson_1_Mod_Pack_v1.0 and unzip it to JSGME (Needed for Lessons)

Use UNGTP to extract all your .GTP files to one location (see info in ROF Forums) (Not Required for this lesson)


DO NOT Run JSGME and install the MOD! These are unedited copies of what exists in game.

Though Advanced users might want to install the mod once to see what happens when you incorrectly name your mod files.

Start the editor and under firing-point, look at the list for InfantryDE, see the errors/duplicates? Just uninstall the mod to fix, if you tried this.


Class Begins. Total time 15 min


1.) Basic Fritz Flipitz Mod Class 1: Create a InfantryRU Mod

We are going to start with a basic edit of the Firing-Point object “infantryde” already in game and create a new infantryru object.

Go to Your \777\Rise of Flight\Mods\Fritz_Flipitz_Lesson_1_Mod_Pack_v1.0\data\luascripts\worldobjects and select infantryde.txt, right click, rename it to infantryru.txt.

Select infantryru.txt, right click, edit.

Edit the following three lines

object_name = "infantryde" to object_name = "infantryru"

VisualImage=0,"graphics/FiringPoint/soldiers/infantryde.mgm",1 to VisualImage=0,"graphics/FiringPoint/soldiersru/infantryru.mgm",1

CollisionBody="graphics/FiringPoint/soldiers/infantryde.col" to CollisionBody="graphics/FiringPoint/soldiersru/infantryru.col"

Save and close the editor.


*From now on when I refer to the data folder to mean “Your \777\Rise of Flight\Mods\Fritz_Flipitz_Lesson_1_Mod_Pack_v1.0\data” NEVER work with your original files make copies, and “only” work in your MODs folder!


Go to data\graphics\firingpoint\ folder and rename the soldiers folder to soldiersru

Go to data\graphics\firingpoint\soldiersru

Rename 10infantryde.mgm to 10infantryru.mgm

Rename infantryde.col to infantryru.col

Rename infantryde.mgm to infantryru.mgm

Rename infantryde.txt to infantryru.txt


Select infantryru.txt and right click, edit

Edit lod="graphics\firingpoint\soldiers\10_infantryde.MGM",200 to lod="graphics\firingpoint\soldiersru\10_infantryru.MGM",200

Save, close your editor


Select 10infantryru.mgm and infantryru.mgm (hint - left click while holding CTRL), right click edit with notepad++

you should see two tabs for your files if you see more tabs, close all but the two tabs named 10infantryru.mgm and infantryru.mgm.

From menu, click “find” and in “find what” type: infantryde.dds then click Find All in All Open Documents

Down at the bottom you will notice you got two hits, in two files, one hit per file.

Click on replace and in the Replace with Line add: infantryru.dds ← this file was added by me to the data\graphics\textures\common folder and this is the file you can edit/rename to create your own versions. But for this lesson use the existing file. A preview file was also added to the data\graphics\preview folder.

Now click on each file tab, and click on save (the single blue diskette Icon), notice the tab Icon changes from red (edits made) to blue (edits saved)


O by the way, you just created your 1st mod!  Congrats now lets test it.


Open the JSGME select the mod and install Fritz Flipitz Lesson 1 Mod Pack v1.0.

Open the ROF Mission Editor (777\Rise of Flight\bin_editor\release\rofeditor.exe)

File, New

Click on Firing-point and at the bottom of the list you should now see infantryru, click on it and place it on the map.

Click on Tools, Start Integrity Check, If you see Mission integrity check passed! Your mod is now working and Tested!


You have completed your 1st Mod Making Class, Congrats!


If you received an Error:  No problem, lets fix it!

The Integrity Check generated an error message like: Mission integrity check Failed! Click ok, and your error is generated in to notepad.


Let's use this example Object(2:Vehicle) >> no script file! : LuaScripts\WorldObjects\infantryru.txt

Let's check for mistakes in the worldobjects folder, and I bet you will see I forgot to rename infantryDE.txt to infantryru.txt.

Unload and reload the mod, then run the integrity check again.


IMPORTANT: Remember to "Unload the Mod" using JSGME and Reload the mod after any edits you make to your files in the Mods Folder.


The errors generated by the integrity check are basic but will always point you to the 1st problem it finds and that error needs to be resolved first.. 

If you are using the hexing method of modding 90% of the time the error will be a naming or path error.


So remember to check folder names, file names and then start checking your paths in the .txt files you edited. Once the correct edits have been made re-run the Start Integrity Check. Keep repeating until you find the solution to the error.

Trust me editing late at night your gonna make mistakes, just start from the beginning and hunt your bugs. Good Luck.


NW Fritz Flipitz


Notes From our sponsor


This is not my preferred way of "skinning". But due to a lack of foresight/interest by our developers this is the only viable option I have. An explanation may be needed....

There is an option to allow skins for all objects. The code has not been added or enabled and the developers seem to have no interest in in doing so.  So instead of one model and many skins, we have 1 model, multiple copies of that model, and 1 skin per model. It's a very inefficient way of skinning but that's what this lesson is showing you how to do.


I hope this helps someone out there in our community.  Good Luck and happy Modding.

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#2 Feathered_IV

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Posted 01 April 2016 - 11:01

Nice one Tzar.  I'll look forward to further lessons!

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#3 Tzar

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Posted 01 April 2016 - 15:40

Thanks Feathered,


Since you are the 1st to respond, can you tell me did you run into any problems, create anything new?


One of the purposes of this Lesson was to help the community make their own mods even if they have little or no experience.


The second purpose was to help show the community that Modding is not as hard as all the Nay-Sayers and Forum Trolls that keep telling everyone, they are "WRONG".  What is hard, is the amount of time it's taken to understand how everything gets put together. That's where the modders that came before me and people like me try to speed up your learning process. Still lots more to learn.


I created an advanced lesson that needs to be edited and updated.  It covers some LUA Script, attachments, and workarounds for your attachments to make them work correctly.  If you don't see the advanced lesson posted in the next few weeks, feel free to PM me a reminder or two.



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