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Belgian skinpack for use by everyone

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Poll: Belgian skinpack for use by everyone (12 member(s) have cast votes)

Do you agree to adding these skins to mods-off mode?

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#1 J2_Trupobaw

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Posted 09 March 2016 - 21:15


Here's set four fictional Belgian N.11 "wingman" skins for your consideration. Each plane is decorated with stylised emblem of Belgian city touched by the war as pilots personal device. Unless you have personal skins, there is no set of N.11 historical skins that would let group of pilots fly easily distinguished planes from the same squadron - to let them tell their wingmates from other N.11s and one wingmate from another. These four matched skins are intended to fill that gap.

My thanks to Bender for his insight into Merry Dandy's Ironic Gentlemen's Club Hipster Air Force that was BMA, including why historical pilots who took their flight training at their own expanse wouldn't decorate their planes with something so serious and mundane :icon_e_salute: .

1.  "Ypres". 







2.  "Kortrijk". The city's emblem looks a bit like Gmail icon to modern viewer... the spirit of BMA is infectous?






3. "Nieuwpoort on Nieuport". See, autoirony! I'm getting closer   :icon_lol: .









4. Star of Olen. Why are all these emblems painted with photographic precision, as if copied and pasted from tourist folders? Because they paid for painting their planes at their own expanse, too   :icon_lol: !







Download link:

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#2 ST_Agent86

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Posted 10 March 2016 - 02:46

Very nice Trup !  :icon_eek:

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#3 veltjens

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Posted 10 March 2016 - 04:37

THANKS!  :icon_e_salute:

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#4 Panthercules

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Posted 26 March 2016 - 18:24

Poll concluded; thread locked.

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