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Did they realy navigate dead-reckoning without a clock ?

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#1 Lupo1

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Posted 18 November 2009 - 09:59

As someone who plays maximal realism, I would like to make a suggestion that will make the game easier to play and I believe even more realistic.
I believe that those airplanes which are lacking essential instruments e.g. Newports and Pfalzes, were not actually lacking them at all. They were brought on board by the pilots (or the squadrons); therefore, I suggest that an option of adding instruments to the cockpit (i.e. a clock, a compass, an altimeter etc.) should be added to the game. I also suggest that a rear-view mirror will be added to this option, if possible.
I know that intuitive (seat or the pants) flying was the order of the day. However, having looked at pictures of the period, I notice that many improvisations and alterations were made (some, becoming later standard issue); furthermore, I can testify as an ex-soldier (in altogether different wars) that whenever the army authorities failed to provide us with essential equipment, no effort was spared at trying to procure them in any way possible.

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#2 gavagai

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Posted 18 November 2009 - 12:16

I agree about the compass. I have a hard time believing that any pilot went up without one.

Mirrors have been argued about at length in other flight sim forums. I'm not going there. :)
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