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Reduced Lethality Mod Question.

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#1 Champagne_Tiger

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Posted 03 October 2015 - 17:37

The difference between the unmodded and modded lethality of my fighter machine guns was a bit of a shock to me, when I first tried the mod.


I searched for a thread like this one, but didn't find a thread where game players discussed the merits/realism of the Lethality Mod.


As for me, the unmodded lethality seem strange, because the enemy fighters wings collapse with one burst. But, does the Lethality Mod actually nerf the power of the guns too much?


What is the consensus? Thanks.

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#2 Panthercules

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Posted 03 October 2015 - 21:36

I haven't done any serious, rigorous testing, but based a several A-B comparison missions in the QMB I definitely believe that the Lethality Mod is good to have if you're going to use the "Improved Gunnery" setting they added in one of the recent patches.  Without using either the Lethality Mod or the Improved Gunnery setting, it seems to take an unreasonably long time (for me, or my son who I also dragged into testing this) to shoot most planes down.  Using the Improved Gunnery setting without the Lethality Mod, the wings seem to melt off way too much/too easily.  But with both Improved Gunnery and the Lethality Mod, things seemed just about right.


Of course, this sort of Goldilocks testing methodology isn't scientific, but it was enough to convince me to always use those two things in tandem for my SP missions in RoF.

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#3 unreasonable

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Posted 03 October 2015 - 21:59

AFAIK the Reduced Lethality Mod changes the damage wings can take before coming off, but has no effect on hits on engines, pilots and fuel tanks: these are unaltered from vanilla. So if you aim accurately at the engine-cockpit area the results should be the same. 


The Improved Gunnery Option reduces dispersion around the aiming point of the stream of fire. 


Given that aiming is much easier in a game than in RL, what with absence of G forces, vibration and turbulence from the plane in front (this last modeled but very weakly), Improved Gunnery makes it very easy to shoot down aircraft even when using the Reduced Lethality Mod.


So you have a spread of options (which is good):


No RL Mod + IG Option = extraordinarily easy

No RL Mod + no IG Option = extremely easy

RL Mod + IG Option = very easy

RL Mod + no IG Option = easy

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