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obscure technical question

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#1 Happyhaddock

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Posted 08 November 2014 - 11:54

As several of you may know I've been playing around modding the look of the sky (somebody should really tell me that I'm supposed to use ROF to simulate flying WWI aircraft not sunsets but heh!)

Anyway I throw out this obscure technical question with no real hope of getting an answer but there are a few folk here that dabble deep in the roots of this software so who knows.

The texture file used to regulate the colour and intensity of light in game is significantly larger than the texture file to colour the sky, yet almost all of the light texture file seems redundant and apparently does nothing as it can be reduced to a tiny one dimensional graphic (or actually four one dimensional graphics) without loss of quality or change in overall appearance. Its structure however makes me think the game was originally set up to utilise a more complex two dimensional light file varying with both time of day and position and that this feature must have been disabled….

I've heard all sorts of little snippets about things in the Digital Nature engine it can do that were tuned off to save processing power, I just wondered if anybody knew how to get into it to turn back on the more sophisticated light processing (if it ever existed and is the reason for the light bitmap being structured the way it is)

Well I did say it was an obscure technical question! ;)

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