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Views - several suggestions

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#1 Eldur

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Posted 08 November 2009 - 00:02

Just had a thought about the default view as it's not that easy to control the view right now. I often find myself not viewing around in the cockpit, because restting the view resets it completely. Instead I often use external views then to look around. I'd propose to split that command into separate "center direction of view" and "center position of head" commands. That way I could just glance around and then look forward without recentering my head position.

Okay, I could change the default view, but I think that's not the point. Another improvement here would be to have several "default views" with the possibility to change to another default view everytime (just like presets to where it's being centered to). So I could use one for normal flying, one for aiming, one for takeoff/landing, even with different FOVs.

And that's the next one. In Il-2 I use Del, End and PgDn extremely often to change FOV quickly. It's impossible in ROF as there's just Zoom In and Zoom Out. I'd really love to have some keys for different angles.

One last wish, which also comes from Il-2 experience is about padlock. I don't know why, but mostly it doesn't work at all in cockpit. In externals it doesn't center the target, I see it often in one of my screen's corners and I can't explain why. Apart from those issues it would be an improvement to have separate "cockpit padlock" and "external padlock" views.
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