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Please Neoqb...

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#1 =Fifi=

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Posted 03 November 2009 - 08:16

I know most of ROF pilots are interested by multiplayer…but think about people who doesn't have any good connection for multiplayer. Those (like me) fly only career mode, or single missions.
What i want to say here, is that in career mode, you can fly alone the noman's land or ennemy side desesperly alone, never a surprise to catch somebody in the area…even no friendly plane! Nothing, instead the circles where you are sure to meet 2 or 3 bombers…
This game need more live, like an ennemy patrol coming back home,or an ennemy ace hunting alone in the clouds…And all this, NOT indicated on the map, for sure! You can use more trigger check zone to activate more surprises…
Also when you fly over ennemy airfield…it would be great to see ennemy fighters taking off to smack you…or to try to! But unfortunatly, for the moment, its a little bit boring.
I'm sure you can do something to give real interest to each career mission fly…so we 'll be not definitly alone in the sky!
A French flyer.
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#2 GazzaV.Gazza

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Posted 03 November 2009 - 08:50

I have to agree… +1
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#3 Executioner

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Posted 03 November 2009 - 10:30

absolutely. I have also mentioned this before…
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#4 =Fifi=

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Posted 03 November 2009 - 22:35

I forgot to say something else:
:arrow: It happens sometimes, when one of friendly plane doesn't start up engine, the leader turn around our airfield without starting the mission…so i flew over primary objective alone, and i never saw any ennemy!! Completly alone! I guess i had to restart the game…if you could fix it, so we can do the mission even without all the 5 planes.

:arrow: An other stange thing: Friendly IA's killing ennemy a lot too fast! The time you choose one ennemy plane, and you fly backward, they are all already down !! And if by chance you have the time to get one behind his tail, a friendly IA don't matter to shoot you if you are in his way…
It's not very realistic…like when you're landing after an engine problem: you're safe on the ground trying to realise you're still alive (lol). The fight is going on up your head, and ennemy planes still fire at you…no,no, it wasn't like that!
I remember the old game Red Baron 3D, beside very poor graphics (not too bad for this date), the career mode and the game play was more realistic than this one! And at least we weren't alone in the sky.
I know you don't want to copy Red Baron 3D, but i can tell you it was real fun to try reaching victories of our friendly IA leader. In ROF we don't know nothing about our IA friends!!
Can you do something, please?

I'll stop my requests here. Your sim is the best so far for me, just little things to adjust!
Keep on the good work, but carrefull on adding things that lower our poor processor...

Best regards
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