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Request for a new MCU in the mission editor

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#1 Sensenmann

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Posted 02 November 2009 - 16:33

I have mentioned this concept in a few other posts, but I doubt I will make any headway if the request doesn't get a bit bigger of a spotlight. My intended audience is the blokes in green (the devs) but any support I get on this can only help. In fact, if someone could translate this to Russian and repost it in the Russian side of things, I would most appreciate it(have seen the translating software and it only makes a mess of things)

And now to the point: I would very much like to see a new MCU put into the mission editor to allow for player spawning from a list of available planes, rather than the current place holder for a specific plane.

This would remove the issue of players being excluded from an online round due to all the planes said player owns being taken. This would also remove the constraints on mission editors of having to fill a number of the limited player slots with stock planes, thereby limiting the use of add on planes in the mission. Furthermore this MCU would prove invaluable for the future Dogfight Server mode as it could be used in creating the ability for players to respawn, something that only AI can do with the current spawning MCU.

How I would like this to work is the placement of the MCU on the map would set the position, altitude, and orientation of the players start point. In the properties of the MCU the mission creator would be allowed to set the country (and subsequently the side) and whether the plane starts on the ground or in the air. There should be a text block similar to the one used for the target list in to which the mission creator would drag and drop from the list of available planes, thereby creating a list of planes for the player to choose from. The Target list and Message list should remain as is as we will still be needing these things to establish and track events in the missions.

Upon the mission loading (briefing screen) the players would be presented with a list of plane slots similar to what we have now, but instead of being assigned a plane the player is being assigned a starting position. Where the plane is listed there should be a drop down menu from which the player would select from the list of available planes. Then they would go to the hanger as usual and set the plane to their liking.

I would that this MCU only applied to human players, this should not be an AI spawn point, as some server hosts (thinking of the T&T server) prefer not to have AI fighters flying around. This would allow for air starts in cooperative missions and remove the current memory and processing load of unused planes (I currently use deactivates to try to remove unused planes but this is not working as it should as some planes remain).

If the folks at NEOQB already have something like this in the works, I would be glad to hear of it, and if so I hope my suggestions are taken into consideration for how it should function. If nothing like this is in the works, please consider beginning work on this, it would go a long way to amend some potential problems and create a whole slew of wonderful possibilities.

And if anyone else has anything they would like to add to or change about this concept, please comment.
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#2 taleks2

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Posted 05 November 2009 - 02:20

(BTW: it's difficult to read and understand automatical translation to Russian)

AFAIK, there are plans to include similar MCU, but it's better to provide this idea and get comments from those, who are developing ME and design docs. I advice you to contact flif or Viks (in English better, IMHO).
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#3 Sensenmann

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Posted 05 November 2009 - 03:16

Thanks, will contact them in this regard.

And yes, I agree, English is better as I know so very little of Russian.
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#4 SYN_Vander

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 08:09

I agree 100%. This would make multiplayer REALLY big. It also fits perfectly in the "open world server" concept, see my posts about it here: http://riseofflight....t=4048&start=10">viewtopic.php?f=129&t=4048&start=10
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#5 =FB=VikS

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 09:18

Right now we are working over dogfight mode, there youll be able to put airfields on map in direction you need (rotate em and put on needed location), and put an list of available airplanes in it, later (after dogfight release, OR MAYBE with it) we will make an small airfields (read as one AF with one spawn) with airstart feature. No promisses on dates.
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#6 SYN_Vander

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 10:39

Thanks for the update Viks!

Will all other MCU's still be available? Is it still possible to include AI aircraft and vehicles? It would be nice if it's possible to rotate the map once one of the objectives has been reached…
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#7 Sensenmann

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 19:21

Thank you ViKS for replying to my PM and posting here. I am glad to hear you are working on a similar idea already. It sounds just about perfect for filling my request.

I do have a few questions however: I am wondering how things like Target Link, Object Link, and the various Messages (OnDeath, etc.) will be handled. Will it be directly through the individual planes or through the airfield MCU?

Also, will there be a limit to the number of planes that will spawn at each airfield? For instance, there is a limited amount of physical space at the airfield, so maybe only 8 planes can take off there. Or will it be done with a queue, where the first 8 players spawn and then the next 8 wait for the first bunch to take off?

My interests lie primarily with cooperative missions, though I will likely put together some dogfight missions once the your work is complete with them (thank you for the effort). My concerns are more to do with making sure I can utilize this new MCU in a way that removes the restrictions of plane selection on the player and still allows for use with all the MCUs used in mission objectives.
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#8 athlondude

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Posted 08 November 2009 - 06:56

Yeah! This needs to happen in a big way. Thanks alot for posting this! Good job!
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