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A brand new idea

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#1 =Fifi=

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Posted 02 November 2009 - 08:39

Like real 1917 pilots, why can't we take a picture of our wife, for example, in the cockpit? Or a picture of our lovely dog? Just stick beside the oil pressure… 8-)
And as they often did during the war, it would be nice to have a neck scarf, the color we want!
Pilots are a little superstitious, and they like to bring with them something they love…
May be it will not be too eavy for our small processors? !!
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#2 VonZimmerman

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Posted 02 November 2009 - 10:14

i dont need a pic of my dog in my cockpit (to focused on my enemy anyway :P) but a scarf is something i wanted my pilot to have from the first time i started ROF :)
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#3 stethnorun

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Posted 02 November 2009 - 12:05

I've actually heard and read quite the opposite. From what I gather, the last thing a pilot wants in his cockpit with him is photos and such because it's distracting during a mission, taking focus away from the enemy. And that he has all the time in the world between missions to stare at his pictures but when he's flying, he's got a job to do.

But I think that's coming mostly from modern day pilots (and maybe WW2). Perhaps WW1 pilots hadn't learned that lesson yet.
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#4 hq_Jorri

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Posted 02 November 2009 - 17:47

I'd take the Donald Duck up with me to relieve those boring flight hours.

I guess that, if you're feeling particularly creative, you can texture it in yourself?
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#5 Bleddyn

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Posted 02 November 2009 - 19:43

I guess that, if you're feeling particularly creative, you can texture it in yourself?

Well you would have to. If the OP wants pictures of wives, sweethearts etc, then the choices are we all have the same pics in the same cockpit from neoqb, which is of course a no. Or neoqb could make a custom cockpit for each of us, umm no. So that only leaves texturing it yourself really, or asking a friend.
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#6 Laser

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Posted 02 November 2009 - 20:01

What *would* be nice is to have some tool in which you can select a plane, then attach to it things like:

- custom photo if you want
- on the exterior fuselage or tail, to inscribe the number of kills using some symbols (small crosses etc.)
- other ideas
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