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Posted 27 November 2013 - 20:28

International team duel championship «Gladiators.RoF 4x4»

1.1 Goals and objectives.
- Popularization of avia-cyber sport.
- Determination of the best teams in this discipline of cyber sport.
- Promotion of avia-simulator «Rise of Flight».
- Promotion of the aviation history of the World War I.

1.2 Time and Place
- Applications from pilots wanting to participate in the championship are submitted from November 27 to December 6.
- Drawing of participants and publication of the match calendar is on December 6.
- Competitions begin from December 7 on servers, which addresses will be published together with the championship schedule of matches.

1.3 Management
- The championship is held under general directions of the organizing committee and the board of referees of the tournament.
- General assistance - 1CGS/777.
- AviaChamp.ru.

1.4 Participants and conditions
- The championship will be held in the class of combat flight simulator "Rise of Flight". Skin download must be enabled and teams are free to use their own skin.
- Server configuration of the tournament:
-Game mode: DUEL.
-Markers are on.
-Third-person view is on.
-Fuel 20%.
-Standard weapon.
-Ammo 100%.

- Participants are: teams of squadrons, teams of independent pilots, game community of avia-simulator RoF from all countries without any restrictions.
-The whole information about the championship is published in Russian and English languages.
- There must be at least one person from each team that knows English or Russian languages.

- At the first stage, teams, according to the result of a toss, will be divided into subgroups and will play round-robin (all-fight-all) matches (1 round).
- Places in a subgroup are assigned according to the number of points which a team has earned in all matches of this subgroup.
- If there are 2 or more teams that have an equal number of points in a subgroup, places are assigned as follows :
a) By the best difference of won / lost points in the rounds of all matches in a subgroup.
b) By a result of a battle between teams with the equal number of points.
c) By the sum of points obtained in the matches between the teams with an equal number of points.
d) By the best difference of won / lost points in the rounds of the matches between the teams with equal number of points.
e) By a toss or by an additional match.

- At the second stage, teams that have won first or second places will continue fighting on the Olympic system according to the tournament grid.
- Only pilots that are registered on the forum and that are submitted in a team application are allowed to participate.
- Each pilot has to examine attached files on the forum before the beginning of the tournament.
- Each pilot has to examine all necessary components for participating in the tournament.
- A nickname used in the simulator «Rise of Flight» and in match plays has to be the same as a nickname used at connections to the Teamspeak server and to the one used for registrations in the forums.
- A participant will need the ability of using the TeamSpeak 3.0 - both for voice communication and for written text ("chat").
- A participant of a match should be connected to the championship TeamSpeak-server not later than 15 minutes prior to appointed time of a duel and wait for a main judge of the match.
- To check participant compliance to championship requirements a participant can use training servers and TeamSpeak provided by organizers.
ATTENTION: Official address and password for TeamSpeak-server of the tournament will be sent to captains of teams
- Ping of a participant must not exceed acceptable limits. If the arbitrator observes sharp changes of ping at one or several participants, or he sees characteristic chaotic jumps of planes,
which are result of problems with communication with the server of a simulator, he is obliged to stop a duel and ask captains to make replacements of participants of this fight. If this is impossible, team that can not make replacement loses.

- In case of disconnecting from the server of the game of all participants, a main judge of a match makes solutions in accordance with Paragraph 7.2. A result of the fight is fixed in the moment of disconnecting from the server.
- In first and second rounds, if part of the local duels has been completed, the result is recorded in the current battle at the time of disconnection from the host .Re-fight of the round or the fight is assigned if necessary. If the connection is lost in the 3rd round, the re-flight is assigned between survived players at the time of disconnection (e.g. 3x1, 4x3, 2x1, etc.).
- In case of the game server crash, the current result is fixed on the last round according pp7.2. If so, the match is reassigned. The main Judge assigns new date and time for the re-flight.

-Documentary confirmation of results of matches are:
-match protocol.
-a log of the game on the server.

1.5 Rewarding
-First place: The Champion of the Tournament, 300$x4.
-Second place: 200$x4.
-Third place: 100$x4.

1.6 Terms of admission
-Applications have to be done by team captains or representatives of teams on time according to Statute. One team can consist of at least 4 pilots minimum and can be 6 pilots maximum per team.
In an application must be:
-A team name (Latin) (example: =Spartak=) and nicknames of all pilots of the team. (Example: 1.=Spartak=_Ivan 2.=Spartak=_John).
- Country.
- Team leader’s nickname, his real name, location (city, country) and contact details must be sent to a main judge via forum’s PM (private message mailer).
- Teams are allowed to participate in the championship if they have sent their applications and only if there is a confirmation of Credentials-Committee of SK and the championship organizing committee.

1.7 Tournament plane set
Group A
1. Fokker Dr.I
2. Sopwith Triplane
3. Sopwith Camel
Group B
1. Fokker D.VII
2. SPAD 13.C1
3. Albatros D.Va
Group C
2. Nieuport 28.C1
3. Pfalz D.IIIa


2.1 Tournament is held in the form of rounds between teams. Pilots participate in a match by planes of one type.
2.2 Each total match play consists of the "best of 3" principle (2:0, 2:1). One round in 1vs1, one in 2vs2 and one in 4vs4.
A team participates with minimum 4 pilots from the total members of the team. Every member of a team must be mentioned in an application.

a) First round: Duel-fights 1vs1 – four simultaneous 1vs1 duels between two teams. Each duel is carried out once, to a victory over the opponent (1:0).
b) Second round: Pair-duels fight 2vs2 – two simultaneous 2vs2 duels. Each pair-fight is carried out once to a victory over the opponents (1:0).
c) Third round: 4vs4 duel fight - fight is carried out once to a general victory over all 4 opponents (1:0).

2.3 The aircraft choices are defined by consecutive deletion of aircraft-groups and then aircrafts by the teamleaders. The teamleaders have the right to "delete" or deny one plane of a plane-group and the opposing teamleader can cancel the next plane till one plane-set of a group remains as match-aircraft. This right is defined by a toss, as described in p. 2.19. The toss winner defines the side.
2.4 Aircrafts must have skins, marking and decals defined by judges of a match.
2.5 The departure points of the pilots are airfields/spawn zones: A1(A2) C1(C2) D1(D2) F1(F2), (for the 3rd period of the match:B1, В2,В3,В4 - E1,Е2,Е3,Е4). A side is defined by the toss and appointed by the Main Judge. Permission to match-start (FLY) depends on readiness of teams and the command of judges of a match. Aircrafts spawn in the air (Air start). When spawned, pilots must take a course to the enemy spawn point.

2.6 Height of the first convergence is free to choose. Fuel amount is 20%. Weapon is standard. In the first round (1x1) firing on the first convergence is forbidden. In second and third rounds (2x2 and 4x4) firing on the first convergence is allowed.
2.7 The ram (collision) is considered as an element of war and a way of conducting fight in all rounds.
2.8 Teamleader appoints pilots to their spawn points/airfields. The arbitrator must fix the appointments into match protocol.
2.9 If one participant loses his ability to proceed flight due to any technical issues such as "lost connection", "computer crash", "joystick problems during flight" he must proceed to his best ability and if he cant this round is lost for him. If this situation happens before the first convergence (merge) the match can be re-played. If above mentioned problems appear in second or third round - the fight continues anyway.
2.10 If friendly pilots collide in 2vs2 or 4vs4 matches - the fight continues for others.
2.11 Passive conducting of a fight.
After spawning in the air - flying in any direction but not towards to the enemy.
After the first convergence - ignoring an enemy and extending away from the fight without recognizable intention to fight.
- If one pilot is out of ammunition he has to proceed the flight or try to achieve a maneuver-kill against the enemy. Running away and hoping that enemy will run out of fuel is not allowed.
- If passive conducting of flight is detected by the judge he will give a warning and if you do not react within one minute you get punished for such behavior.

2.12 If some participant is run out of ammo or fuel, the flight continues. In case when there are two survivors and they are both out of ammo, the Main Judge has a right to declare a draw.
2.13 The victory is awarded by the arbitrator. Before victory is awarded you have to stay in the air even if your enemies are destroyed until the judge declares your victory.
2.14 Each participant is allowed to request for 5 minute break between rounds to solve his technical problems.
2.15 Teams which can't arrive or appear on a match-play date, should not less than in 2 hours BEFORE match-time submit to the judge of the tournament an application with a request for match transfer, with an explanation of the reasons of transfer.
2.16 Captains of teams have the right to do any number of replacements before each round, .substitute players must be mentioned in an application.
2.17 Captains of teams have the right to do a transfer or add pilots to their applications between matches during the tournament. The number of additional pilots shouldn't exceed 2 pilots for all cycles of the tournament, thus a line-up together with added pilots shouldn't exceed 6 pilots.
All changes in applications must be sent to the main judge of the tournament not less than for 2 hours prior to the beginning of the next match.
-Pilots that left the tournament can not be added to play the match again.
2.18 Captains of teams haven't the right to rearrange pilots in airfields, and also to do replacements of pilots (from among spare) if there is a re-flight.
2.19 Tosses by judges -if required- are made by asking teamleaders questions by the judge: ..Like: "I have a coin in one hand, in which one teamleader A and teamleader B" …


3. Victory in each fight.

3.1 The victory in a fight is awarded to a pilot who can operate his plane in the air for at least 20 seconds after the opponent crashed or landed.
The pilot must be alive and the plane must not have fatal damages like missing tail or burning in flames and going down. Not spinning propeller doesn’t apply.
- The pilot who disengaged and has made landing, is considered brought down.
- The pilot who has left in a briefing before the command of an arbitrator, is considered brought down.
3.2 The victory is given (only in 1vs1 round) to the non-firing pilot if his opponent opened fire before the first convergence.
3.3 The victory is given to the remaining pilot if his opponent has been disqualified by the judge for legit reasons.

4. Victory in a round

4.1 A victory in the 1vs1 round belongs to that team which has won the most duels in 1vs1 round. This team gets 1 victory points.
As a team consists of 4 pilots, all of them fly simultaneously 1vs1. If a team loses and wins with 2 pilots, there is a final 1vs1 round between 2 pilots.
4.2 The victory in the 2vs2 round (2vs2 flights simultaneously) belongs to that team which has won the most duels in 2vs2 matches. This team gets 2 victory points.
4.3 The victory in the 4vs4 round (team vs. team each 4 pilots) belongs to that team that has eliminated the opposite team in 4x4 round. This team gets 3 victory points.

5. Victory in a match

5.1 A victory in a match is awarded to the team which has obtained the most points within 3 rounds (1v1, 2v2 and 4vs4) compared to points of the other team.
5.2 For a victory team gets 2 points in the tournament.
5.3 For absence or delay of a team with more than 30 minutes on a match, this team receives a penalty (with the score 0:6) whereas the present team is awarded with 2 points in the tournament.
5.4 A team which has received three official preventions in a match loses in this match. After such loss of team, 3 preventions are subtracted from total of official preventions of this team in tournament.

6. Victory in the tournament

6.1 A global victory in the tournament is awarded to the team which has gathered the biggest amount of points in all matches (if the tournament was staged on a circular system).
If the tournament was staged on Olympic system (losing teams falls out, winning team moves to next level), the victory is awarded to a team which has won all matches of the tournament.
In case if two or several teams gathered an equal amount of points (if the tournament passed on circular system), the victory is awarded to the team which has won more single matches compared to the team with same tournament points.
6.2 Distribution of prize-winning places in a tournament goes according to the rule 6.1.

7. A draw in each single fight

7.1 A draw appears in a fight, if non of the pilots can be awarded a victory in fight in compliance with 3.1-3.3 of the Rules.
7.2 A draw in any fight is declared if the connection with the server is lost. In this case, a current score of the last round is fixed and there is an additional fight (A fight that was cancelled).
7.3 A draw in fights (1vs1, 2vs2 and 4vs4) is declared, if pilots go to the briefing without permission of the judges after elimination their enemies.

8. A draw in different rounds.

8.1 A draw appears in 1vs1 and 2vs2 rounds, if teams win equal number of fights.
8.2 A draw appears in a 4vs4 round, if all pilots of both teams are considered as brought down.
8.3 In case of a draw in a round additional fights have to be carried out in order to determine the final winner.
In 1vs1 round (where 2 teams each 4 pilots flew 1vs1 simultaneously) only 1 pilot must fight 1 pilot of the opposing as final fight of this round.
In 2vs2 round (where 2 teams each 4 pilots flew 2vs2 simultaneously) only 2 pilots must fight 2 pilots of the opposing team as final fight of this round.
In 4vs4 round (where 2 teams each 4 pilots flew 1 4vs4 fight) all 4 pilots of each team must fight again.

9. A draw in a match.

9.1 If two or more teams have an equal amount of points (that are achieved in 1vs1, 2v2 and 4vs4 rounds) and also have an equal amount of official preventations, a final round has to be played.
This final round can be 1vs1, 2vs2 or 4vs4; this is determined by a toss. Team that wins this round receives 1 point.


10.1 After spawning in the air avoid your enemy more than 45°degrees to the right or the left and not flying towards the opposing team or pilot. It is also forbidden to open fire on the first convergence in the first round.
10.2 Going to the briefing room without the permission of judges when your plane is destroyed.
10.3 Breaking rules of skins and rules of markings (item 2.4).
10.4 Usage of different types of planes which have not been regulated in item 1.7 "Regulations of the championship" and item 2.3 (a plane choice)
10.5 Conducting a passive flight as described above.
10.6 Spectators, team members, that don’t fly in this fight, and also brought down pilots are not allowed to give observant advises.
10.7 Disrespectful, unsportsmanlike behavior. (An intended insult towards participants of a match or pilots, judges and also spectators in a chat or TeamSpeak)
10.8 Refusal to do requirements or requests of arbitrators or judges.
10.9 Violation of a rule of replacements (item 2.18)
10.10 A departure (spawning in the air) of pilots or teams before the START-call of the judge or after 10 seconds of this call.
10.11 If team receives 4 official warnings in matches of the tournament, it loses 1 point in its tournament score. If there are no points, score becomes negative ( -1, etc.). After this, its quantity of violations is reseted.
10.12 If team receives 2 official warnings in ONE match of the tournament, with the draw in THIS match, it loses the right to choose the type of the additional fight (p. 9.2, p. 2.20.). The other team grants the right to define the type of fight without a toss.
10.13 For each forbidden action of pilot, pair, or team, this team receives official warning.
-If there are following violations during the flight:10.1, 10.3, 10.4, 10.9, 10.10, -judges appoint re-flight in this fight.


11.1 In case of disagreements with the solution of judges of a match, team captain has the right to submit a complaint to the main organization jury within 15 minutes.
11.2 The judiciary board considers a protest as soon as possible after receiving it and only with the existence of a track of the recorded fight. In case of positive consideration of a protest, results of fights, rounds or a match change.


12.1 A certain player or a team is disqualified for three identical forbidden actions during one match.
12.2 A certain player or a team is disqualified for cheats on the computer (programs giving obvious benefit in game).
12.3 Disqualified teams are not permitted to participate in future championships and all their flights will be cancelled.

Attention! There can be some minor changes and improvements in rules until the beginning of the tournament!
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#2 Sigrun

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Posted 29 November 2013 - 08:28

"Fuel: 20%" Nicely rigged for the game gamers then.
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#3 hq_Peter_Zvan

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Posted 29 November 2013 - 08:55

Who gives a sh** about fuel level in a tournament.
Its what is standard practice in tournaments like these.
And when its same planes v same planes it dosent make much difference anyway - at the end the winners will be the same as the good pilots can fly the planes well regardless of fuel levels.

So - instead of being negative - get a team together and take part. :S!:
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#4 Adler_Blau

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Posted 29 November 2013 - 10:51

Who gives a sh** about fuel level in a tournament.

I think when you have a few amount of fuel, when you get hits and fuel begins to leak, you will have less chances to win. It is one more reason to make those fights fast.

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#5 Sigrun

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Posted 29 November 2013 - 11:54

You have people who have months/years of practice with BS fuel loads and are thus excluding all those who have been faithful to historical accuracy and will never be able to catch up with the arcaders.

But if you're pitching it as an arcade competition, no problem.
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#6 hq_Peter_Zvan

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Posted 29 November 2013 - 13:16

Thats bs - if a pilot is good he will do well with any level of fuel level.
Acctually the pilots that have been flying on high fuel levels should have the edge of having better feel for the plane. The problem here is more in the fact that most of high level fuel pilots are not flying on the arcade servers and are therefore often simply not good enough as they dont have that much dogfight experiance.
This is exactly the reason why I find it quite stupid to only do one sided RoF flying. I do it all and enjoy it all - yes arcade is extremly silly, but it sharpens your accruacy, agressive flying… Fully realistic flying gives you the tactical edge. So why not do it both.
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Posted 29 November 2013 - 15:26

Rules are updated.
Now, there is more accurate interpreration from Russian to English so please read them again.
We apologize for some issues.

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#8 hq_Pirke

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Posted 29 November 2013 - 18:19

I need to clean my joy from dust :)
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#9 Bump

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  • LocationColorado

Posted 02 December 2013 - 13:18

You have people who have months/years of practice with BS fuel loads and are thus excluding all those who have been faithful to historical accuracy and will never be able to catch up with the arcaders.

But if you're pitching it as an arcade competition, no problem.

I don't know Sigrun shooting down AI(lifeless drones) all day sounds a little arcadeish too me! You should try multiplayer servers like syndicate, Fast food or join the bloody April event that J5 throws every spring.

Like peter said it really does not matter the fuel load because everybody has the same, also real life aerobatic pilots fly with low fuel loads, its a common practice.

Peter: hopefully I can get second place since you'll be participating in the tournament :roll:
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