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About Server Update

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Posted 29 May 2013 - 23:46


Time to say a few words here about our servers. As you have seen we have applied an update to our internal server system today to address some performance issues. The issues you have been experiencing the last month or so is the result of a combination of factors. This includes some long-standing technical issues, some new technical issues and some events out of our control.

In the past month or so there were several situations that conspired against us that made our ability to correct server issues take longer than normal. For example, most of the team was out of town for planned May government holidays in Russia plus the nic.ru DNS attack happened plus our Project Manager got very ill and missed work for several weeks. Also, we had some personnel changes recently that affected our ability to work on our servers and quickly write new code to deal with unforeseen problems. The combined effect of these factors gave the unfortunate appearance of a bigger problem with our server system than we actually had and hampered our ability to find fast solutions. Regardless, we have never stopped working to solve these problems, but sometimes it takes us longer than we'd like. Fortunately, the issues I speak of above are behind us now and everything is back to normal operations wise.

The ROF server system aka "Master Server" is not just one server, but a group of servers that do many things. Ideally they work together to provide ROF users with a reliable system to play the game as designed. It has worked pretty darn well for over 4 years with a 99%+ up-time. However, when we build complicated systems like this, sometimes things don't always work out as planned and we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

We are a small team by most standards and our resources are always limited regardless of who our business partners are. Sometimes, we build new features like the Stat System and we test in Beta with no major problems. However, the Beta team is only so big and sometimes bugs are discovered only after we release the general public. This is not always a bad thing though, because this gives us a chance to really put a load on our system and discover where the bottlenecks are etc. so we can fix them and make them less likely to happen again in the future. We know it's annoying for our users when bugs occur, but it helps in the long run. Progress can be messy sometimes.

If you remember in our last update we mentioned there would be a testing phase for our new Stat System and by extension our server system. Most of it has worked well, but some issues did pop up as more users downloaded and installed the latest update. In the case of our last update, our new Stat System has increased our information gathering load and due to some outdated code it would get randomly overloaded and cause disconnects. We have now taken steps to correct it with today's update. We truly hope the random disconnects will now be cured. Early tests look promising, but if problems persist, then please report them to us in this thread. MASTER ISSUES - please post here We try to monitor this thread to see what issues may be occurring.

Always remember, that a big portion of ROF does not need our servers to function and can provide hours of dogfighting fun until we can correct the issue.

ROF and her team continues to evolve and grow as does our community. We cherish our long friendship with our users and hope we can continue to improve our systems, current product and future products in the months and years ahead. We are entering our 5th year as a company with a functioning product on the market with the next year being extremely crucial as we attempt to branch out to WWII. We hope you will continue to support us and be a part of this great community.

The ROF Team
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