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How to support Quick Mission for new maps

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#1 AnKor85

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Posted 19 December 2012 - 15:42

Assuming you made a new map and now want to be able to fly it from Quick Mission builder.

First, you need to add a "MyMap.info" (if your map is called MyMap ;) ) into
Rise of Flight\data\swf\data\maps\
Each "info" file from that folder will be shown as available map in Quick Mission builder.
You should also add localization files MyMap.eng, MyMap.ger, and so on, into the same folder.
Just unpack swf.gtp to see examples for existing maps.

I'll be using df5x5verdun_summer.info to explain key features.


Lines above define map contents required for a mission. Generally you can just replace LANDSCAPE_DF5x5Verdun with the name of your map.
Then there are lines importand for Quick Mission generator:
quickdefault_verdun.ldf is a template used for choosing starting locations for player, placement of ground units like AAA and vehicles.
Template can be edited with Mission Editor, but instead of loading/saving a mission you just must use Location Database menu to open and save .ldf files.
Examples of this template can be found in scg.gtp and for Quick Missions they should be put into Rise of Flight\data\scg\1\ folder.
There are other numeric folders ("0" and "2") inside the scg folder, but they are used for something else. Quick Mission template go into folder named "1".
There is one issue - even though the info file specified "ldf" and Mission Editor only works with "ldf", the Quick Mission generator requires special "ldf.ldb" format. I had to ask devs to give me the converter from "ldf" to "ldf.ldb". Otherwise Quick Mission will not work.
Take a look at existing templates to figure out how they work. Simple speaking you need to add Airfields (from Locations tab!) for player starting locations, various Decoration for enemy objects like balloons and vehicles, and GroundObjective with type Building for friendly factory which will be used as target for enemy bombers.

The important rule is that you have to provide enough different locations for random generator to work properly.

Next lines are for importing static stuff (like houses) into the Quick Mission:

Not sure what is "Empty-trunc.Group" for.
":none" and ":20" are most likely the radius around the player start location inside which objects are imported. May be used to save resources on big map and do not import far away objects. However, I haven't researched how it works.
Again, although file name specified has "Group" extension, the generator expects special format "Group.lgb" which also requires an additional tool from devs.

Then, "info" file has a lot of lines which depend on map size so I'm not going to describe them. What is important is the last entry called
This is a list of starting locations for a player, which are shown on Quick Mission builder screen.
Format of the list should be obvious enough. Type can be 701,702,703 which correspond to Skirmish, Duel, Survive.
Labels for each starting location as well as the name of the map are defined in localization file.
For each starting location you have options to specify whether ground/water start is available and whether different enemy options like AAA/Balloons/Vehicles are available too.
Note that coordinates here do not have to match with airfield locations in the template. The nearest airfield is chosen automatically.

Well, that should be enough. As I said you will need a tool from devs to convert files into special formats, but otherwise the process is quite simple.
There are more hidden possibilities though - theoretically you may be able to change rules used by the generator internally, but I haven't researched that.

You may download the "Fantasy Island" map made by DiFiS from here - The Fantasy Island Map (by DiFiS) free test - it includes Quick Mission support made by me. Not that it is ideal, but may be used as simple example :)
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#2 O_WolfPac

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Posted 19 December 2012 - 21:31

Thank you :D

Salute Sir !
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#3 Jason_Williams

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 04:45

Very interesting AnKor. :-)

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