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Third Party Mods Troubleshooting Advice

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#1 gavagai

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 15:31

There have been a lot of CTDs with 1.026. Some of these happen mods-off, but a few people seem to have CTDs as a result of using mods that reside in the luascripts folder. I have done a lot of reviewing of the mods in the mod compilation, and I have not been able to recreate any of the reported CTDs. Therefore, my guess is that the CTDs are caused by old mods that are not up to date with 1.026, or by simply ticking mods-on in the RoF launcher. Mods-on has been known to cause problems without having anything installed in the luascripts folder, e.g. the AI gunners not sitting down when they should.

So, if you are having problems, try this procedure:

1. Disable all mods with the JSGME switcher.
2. Go to \Rise of Flight\data\luascripts, and delete anything there except for your snap views.
3. Delete the JSGME folder in \Rise of Flight
4. Re-download the mod compilation and expand it into \Rise of Flight
5. Re-enable that mods you prefer and see if the CTD's still happen.

The same procedure should be helpful for anyone having trouble with Avimimus' mods, too.

I'm sorry that people have had problems and it's never been my intention to complicate your Rise of Flight experience. On the other hand, two-seater sector limits are still a bit of a muddle in Rise of Flight, e.g. the DFW gunner has sector limits with the twin-parabellum armament, but no sector limits with a single parabellum (why???), and so I will continue to use the AI gunner mod for single player. If it works for you great. If it doesn't, then my bad, and you should disable the AI gunner mod.

Good luck!
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#2 Avimimus

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 16:01

It is a very good idea to know how to uninstall your mods manually.

My mods go into the following directory:
[RoF install]\data\luascripts\worldobjects.

Criquet's AI mod (currently supported by Gavagai, and also modded by me) goes into this directory:
[RoF install]\data\luascripts\ai

If these files are deleted the game simply reverts to the compressed (official) versions of these files.

So, deleting any mod should simple revert the game back to its default settings.
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#3 Avimimus

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 16:02

After each patch it is a good idea to remove all of these files and reinstall them with an updated version. Usually there are no compatibility issues, but there are exceptions.

1.025 added a new value for AI (which caused Criquet's mod to keep gunners from firing), while 1.026 made a lot of changes which probably cause some issues with the gunner AI mod. In addition the 1.026b hotfix mod disabled any aircraft effected by my experiemental loadouts mod - if you are one of those fifteen people who downloaded it - you'll have to uninstall it!

As for stability issues in 1.026 - those seem to persist for me with mods-off. So I'm remaining with the mods. :D
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