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STICKY THREAD COMPILATION - Useful Skinning-related Info

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Posted 21 April 2012 - 14:45

The number of stickied threads was getting pretty large, so I thought it might be easier/better to un-sticky them but still gather them here so folks would have one place to go to help them find the cool stuff that's available to help with the process of making and using skins for Rise of Flight.


Useful Materials Page: http://riseofflight....ks/#entry628960


Jason's alternate links:  http://riseofflight....-rof-skinpacks/  [NOTE - Jason's links in 1st post of this thread are still broken - use one of the following threads instead for now]

Panther's Alternate Links:  http://riseofflight....in-dl-packages/ (see "Group 4" and "Group 5")

=AH=_Sid's alternate links: (See post 4 in this thread: http://riseofflight....-rof-skinpacks/ )


In case people have problems downloading the latest Free-2-Play version (version 1.037 United Edition), I have uploaded a copy here:


For other info, check out the following threads for some really good info and stuff related to RoF skinning.

Skin Pack FAQ

Hopefully, everything you wanted to know about how skins and skin packs work in RoF but didn't know where to ask:


NOTE - check out Q&A #8 for links to alternate skin packages of historical skins, organized by plane type, faction/alliance and beta career usage. Also now includes some alternate Fictional Skin Pack links and Skin Template links.


Extra Skins for PWCG


See the One Place to Go for Skins for PWCG:  




Skin Management Tools and Information

Laser's fabulous Skin Management Tool (current version is beta04) is available in the thread below (see Q&A #7 in the FAQ above for summary/details about how this tool can be used - much more detail in the threads below):

http://riseofflight.... skin manager



Download Laser's Skin Management Tool:



Download a pack I made of re-sized preview picture files that fixes a problem Laser's tool had with displaying some preview pictures where the files were too big - this is a JSGME-ready package with all of the 2,000+ re-sized preview picture files for all of the approved skins from the latest Official Skin Pack and all 18 Volumes of the Historical and Fun/Fictional Skin Packs:




Just unzip it into your MODS folder, and use JSGME to activate it.  Now when you use Laser's Skin management tool you should be able to see the preview pictures that were previously being distorted/garbled.



Unofficial Rise of Flight Skin Exchange

A new thread specifically designed to let players request other players to upload and provide links to specific approved skins they may be looking for, so they won't have to D/L entire skin packs just to get a few particular skins:


HOW TO Guides to Creating Skins






http://riseofflight....hl= dicta gimp


Other useful skinning technique-related threads:

Methuen Codes:


http://riseofflight.... methuen codes

Where to Find Templates to Start Creating Skins



http://riseofflight....in-dl-packages/ (see "Group 8")


http://riseofflight.... skin creation

Info on Submitting Skins for Approval by 777 for use in Mods Off Mode

Terms and Conditions for Skins creation and placement:



NEW List of Requirements for Approved Aircraft Paint Schemes:


Clarified Naming Guidelines for Historical Skins - UPDATED!


Clarified Naming Guidelines for "Fun" Skins - UPDATED !


[NOTE - 2nd post in above thread contains the "pre-translated" template you should use for your .txt files]

NOTE - If you're going to have essentially the same paint scheme across a number of different plane types, you can post them all in one single poll thread in the main fictional skin poll subsection, instead of having to create a bunch of individual polls in each subsection for basically the same skin - see one of mine like that here as an example: http://riseofflight....rman-squadpack/


If for some reason it won't let you post the thread in that section (some folks have had problems like that), just post it in the main Skins forum and include a note asking me to move it, and I'll move it for you.

NOTE - when you put a D/L file link in your poll submission threads, it is better for me when I process the files if you would simply put all of the skin files in the root/main .zip file, with no directories or subdirectories at all, no matter how many skins you are submitting in one poll thread (e.g., even if you are submitting say 10 AD5 skins for your squadron, it's best to put all 30 required files in the .zip file without any folders or subfolders).

Where to save skins to (for unapproved/pre-approved skins)

http://riseofflight....skin locations

How to move skin files to another drive (to save space)


How to Change Generic Aircraft Type Default Skins

This is actually quite easy to do. Here is a small Mod I made for myself, which substitutes a couple of my fictional squadron default skins for the game's normal default skins for the Albatros D.III and D.Va aircraft types:


If you explore inside this mod folder, you will see how you can do the same thing for any other plane type - just create a folder under Rise of Flight\data\graphics\planes that has the same folder name as the corresponding aircraft type folder under Rise of Flight\data\graphics\skins, then create a folder under that called "textures", and in that textures folder put a copy of the skin file that you want to be the new default skin for that plane type. Be sure to rename the skin file to the same file name as the corresponding aircraft type folder name (e.g., "AlbatrosD3.dds"). You can do this with as many or as few aircraft types as you'd like, and if you use JSGME to activate the mods (as you always should) it will be very easy to de-activate them and return to the game's normal default skins whenever you want to.

You can of course do this with any skin, fictional or historical. And, of course, you must be running in "mods on" mode to be able to see the new default skins in the game.

I sometimes use mods like this when I'm flying careers, to simulate flying with (and sometimes against, since I have different paint schemes for each country) my own fictional squadrons.

Hot Fixes and Punchlists Regarding Skin Pack Releases


Punchlist of Skin Problems to be Fixed in Volume 18:



Unofficial Hotfix for Official Skinpack RE8 Wing Grunge:


Feel free to PM me with suggestions for additional sticky thread candidates.

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New "Useful Materials" page now available: http://riseofflight....ks/#entry628960
Useful Skinning-related Info:  http://riseofflight....g-related-info/  
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