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Best FPS/eye candy in ROF

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#121 =Fifi=

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Posted 12 September 2013 - 00:16

Ok, i finalized my new settings with latest ROF 1.31b :) …so wanted to share them as i did before.
ROF never looks so nice (thanks to Ankor's mod) and get plenty enough FPS even on Channel map, even running game at 2560X1440! (i guess at 1920X1080 it should be with even more FPS than here)

PC spec: Win7 64 16Gb RAM, Zotac 580, I7 875K @ 2.93 Ghz, HD Samsung 840 SSD 500Gb
Nvidia drivers: 326.98

ROF graphics settings:

ROF sounds settings:

Inspector settings (thanks again to Mormac for providing me "old" inspector version):
I changed only the red squares

I highly recomand those mods to enhance eye candy:

Saturation setting is set to 0.85000 in data/startup.conf

And last but very important, download and install ROF FlightFX, and in preset folder, copy/paste my new sweetFX settings (you can tweak them if needed).
You have to enable it in main FlightFX window:
Attached File  Fifi_SweetFX_settings.zip   830bytes   42 downloads

Enjoy, and good hunting!
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#122 SYN_Bandy

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Posted 12 September 2013 - 11:27

Follow the directions in the above document! I don't really know what these instructions are doing exactly, but my FPS went from ~15 to ~60 after following these steps and I have a supremely shitty processor.

That being said, I DO know that the process in the link I posted above turns off anistropic filter optimization. It has a very small effect on image quality with a HUGE performance gain. I think this has more to do with the way the Rise of Flight engine works and not as much to do with the actual performance characteristics of your computer. If you notice no effect, just turn it back on and it's like nothing ever happened.

If you follow those directions correctly, you will have a new program called nVidia Inspector. There is a way to greatly increase performance (for a lot of people) while also displaying some nice graphics using this program. You could also completely eliminate that annoying shimmer! If you'd like some personal help getting that set up, I'll be glad to assist you. It takes no time or effort at all. …

The link posted by CaseyT is to a pdf SYN_Jedders and I created. What it tells you to do is to turn off anisotropic filter optimization, which is different from the regular anisotropic settings normal people are working with when tweaking in-game settings and the like. This setting is somewhat buried, and apparently cannot be accessed with new nVidia drivers, so beware.

If you have a high end nVidia card (best 600 or 700 series) people with these report that the settings in the pdf don't help as much because their cards are powerful enough, though the settings provide a great baseline starting point to tweak upwards to better eye candy.

FYI, here is the original thread with many positive reports, so read for yourself.
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#123 JohnBanks

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Posted 13 September 2013 - 04:35

You don't use "high quality" for yout texture settings? Why that? Isn't there any visual difference?
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#124 =Fifi=

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Posted 13 September 2013 - 06:44

You don't use "high quality" for yout texture settings? Why that? Isn't there any visual difference?

I don't see any difference, honestly.
But right now, i won't see nothing anymore, as i think my PC just died…mother board, USB short cut, HD…i don't know yet as windows refuse to start anyway i try even with clean windows install :evil:
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