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Wing Walkers "High Flying Adventures" thread (in1080P)

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#1 WWBrian

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Posted 05 February 2011 - 12:35

I am going to attempt to keep all of my Multiplayer videos in one thread instead of spead out. I'm hoping this way, folks may get a better overall feel for the multiplayer campaign we are currently playing.

All videos will be available in 1080P unless otherwise noted. Music(if any) genre will also be noted.

Last Tuesday's (2/1/2011) Mission

Mission: The Albatros v1.07
Creator: O_TaipaN of Oceanic Wing.

ENTENTE ORDERS:PRIMARY: Destroy the 3 Albatros prototypes being finalized at the enemy factory.
They must be destroyed within NINETY MINUTES before they are mobilised for transfer.

* Fokker Eindeckers are expected to be out in force today, determined to defend the new prototype models.
* Beware there is one Albatros on a test flight.
* Enemy lines are protected by AAA. Avoid airbases!
* Anti aircraft artillery is of low quality and the crews are generally inexperienced.

CENTRAL ORDERS:PRIMARY: Defend the 3 Albatros prototypes. They will take NINETY MINUTES to prepare for transfer.

* Intelligence indicates an expected attack from the air on our Albatros development factory.

HISTORY:April 1916. Entente and Central forces battle it out over a tiny stretch of land at Verdun. Ground support forces are on the move from both sides. The artillery barrages and human carnage are absolutely monstrous.

The Albatros D.I is being designed by Robert Thelen, R. Schubert and Gnädig, as an answer to the latest Allied fighters, such as the Nieuport 11 Bébé and the Airco D.H.2, which proved superior to the Fokker Eindecker and other early German fighters, and established a general Allied air superiority. It will be ordered in June 1916 and introduced into squadron service in August. At this stage, early prototypes are available for testing and their destruction may slow down the research, design and production of the Albatros


NOTE: Some of you really want to fly the Albatros against the N11, I will get there in the next mission. I'm doing only 1-2 months progression per mission so that eventually I can turn them into a campaign. By the next mission, the Albatros will be invented ready to bloody some N11s/N17s.

(*contains no music*)

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#2 WWBrian

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Posted 06 February 2011 - 08:56

The second sortie - same game

SORTIE #2 - The escort

I rolled out without issue and made my way to the Dh2 base where Tharn's "red wheel-cover" Dh2 was taking off. Sandman in his "blue wheel-cover" Dh2, was already in the air circling above his drome. Happy was sitting on the field in his Tan-winged #4 Dh2. Perhaps his bladder was full as I never saw him once I formed up with the two Dh2s. And I certainly kept looking….

The escort itself was uneventful; passing by German observation balloons calling in archie fire from the forrest below. Not a single close call to anyone as far as I could tell. The most excitment came when a red flare was shot off by a distant downed N11 off to my 1 o'clock. I assume he was helping point out to the rest of the flight where the trouble was.

Finally, almost over the target, off my distant 10 o'clock was a green flare. This time fired by an enemy Fokker. He was very distant and I knew he was no threat to our fast-moving formation at that range; so I let him think he was sneaking up behind us and stayed on task.

Tharn began diving in and lined up on the right-hand hangar. His rounds found their mark even under the pressure of multiple enemys engaging behind him!

The another Fokker engaged Sandman's Dh2 and I broke to engage. Sandy then began his attack run on the center hangar. His rounds too hit home as a swarm of enemy gunfire wizzed past his machine.

I followed in last trying to persuade the defenders to find a different target!

A swirling dogfight ensued, Sandman made a second pass at the left-hand hangar, delivered some hits; but clipped the rooftop and augered in. I got target fixated through the gunsight of my N.11 on the enemy and I collided and augered in as well…Tharn began his second ran also, scored more hits and…well…..suffice it so say: we all met up near our reckage and limped back home!

(*contains no music*)

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#3 WWBrian

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Posted 08 February 2011 - 16:03

The third sortie - same game.

Sortie #3 - The Attack

The third of six sorties I flew in our "High Flying Adventures" online campaign.

Flying the Nieuport N.11 in ground attack role.

Heavily outnumbered most of the match. It was tough to decide on whether to spend my limited ammunition on the prototypes, or on the masses of never-ending enemy Eindeckers trying to get behind me!

…at least I was able to limp back home after this sortie…

My trusty little Nieuport N.11C served me well! - Rest her soul.

*to be continued*

(*contains subtitles and in-game sounds only - no music*)

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#4 O_Taipan

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Posted 11 February 2011 - 12:21

Cool videos! Very good to have on youtube to show newcomers the exciting stuff that happens in MP. No shortage of action in that first one!!
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#5 WWBrian

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Posted 18 February 2011 - 00:19

Thank you TaipaN for creating such a fun mission!!
(then again, I may be partial to the early stuff) :D

Here's some more HIGH FLYING ADVENTURES action from Sitting Duck's mission run on Tues, 15th.


With WWHappy on his wing, and a returning WWFuchs (and brand new to ROF) as his escort; WWSandman leads his group to attack enemy ground targets across the lines.

Thanks to Sandman for sending me his track files so that I may create this video.


( *no music - subtitles only - 1080P * )

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#6 WWBrian

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Posted 18 February 2011 - 00:19

*deleted double post*
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#7 Capn_Binky

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Posted 24 February 2011 - 14:57

Really enjoyed the vids. I have yet to play multiplayer but it's nice to see that everyone goes down eventually in this.
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#8 WWBrian

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Posted 25 February 2011 - 14:10

Thanks Binky!!

It sure is a lot of fun!

And yeah..we all get shot down over and over….and over again :D :lol:

…that's half the fun - especially when you all get shot down yards from one another like in that 2nd video. :lol:
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