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elephant's pilot skins (8/Dec/2010 - update at 1st post)

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#1 elephant

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Posted 31 October 2010 - 21:29

This is my first attempt to produce a pilot skin for RoF.
Many of you may be familiar with my work on hardcore historically accurate pilot skins in IL-2 series.
I didn't do any special historical research for this one, as I usually do.
It all started from a poll by B-24_LIBERATOR about the lack of scarves in RoF pilots.
So I got the default skin and tweaked it a little to change the original turttleneck into a scarf.
I changed the collar fur to black as it suited better to my taste plus in vintage German pilot photos the fur collars look very dark.
I have also changed the helmet with one that resembles the piece worn by German pilots in the last Red Baron movie.
And finaly I changed the default face with another made by colorising a Manfred von Richthofen photo, (pic attached).
There is much streching on the skin from the actual 3d model and lots of tweaking was needed to make the face look right,
that I don't think that, finaly, much of a resemblance with the Baron himself left.
Nevertheless, IMHO it looks more human than the default one and for sure the eyes that gaze through that goggle lens are his eyes.
I have included for you 4 versions of the skin:
Version1 with the new helmet and the scarf you see in the pics.
Version2 with the default helmet, (a bit enhanced…nice helmet too), same scarf.
Version3 with new helmet, red scarf.
Version4 with default helmet, red scarf.
I hope you like them.
I wish we could have the option of individual pilot skins ala IL-2 in RoF too… :roll:

Who knows, may be sometime in the future, the game is still very young. ;)

Have a look here:

Version 1

Attached File  German pilot V1.jpg   495.59KB   2242 downloads

Version 2

Attached File  German pilot V2.jpg   496.92KB   2242 downloads

Download here:

http://www.mediafire...zvtboosrht4tawe" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">http://www.mediafire...zvtboosrht4tawe

More to come soon…I hope.

:!: :!: :!:

The latest update of the Imperial German pilots, (including observer/gunner) is here:
Featuring historically correct dress and equipment.
The above 1st release is considered obsolete.

Attached File  German pilots v.2.7z   881.64KB   146 downloads

Attached File  German pilots update v.2.jpg   328.27KB   1666 downloads

:!: :!: :!:
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#2 Huetz

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Posted 31 October 2010 - 21:36

That is some nice work indeed! Version 1 looks really nice! Number 2 seems to have the pilot wearing a bit of lipstick though.

So how do these work? Where do we install them and most importantly: Can we use them in mods off mode?

If not, can you maybe PM Han and maybe get them into the game? Having someone do some less generic pilots is definately a great thing to have!
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#3 elephant

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Posted 31 October 2010 - 21:54

Well the face is basically the same…
I think that the actual lighting of the pics is different and makes that impression.
Try them out, (you can use only one of them in game) and if you want I can make some tweaks.
Installation instructions are in the zip, (piece of cake).
I'm afraid the skin can't be seen in mods off mode.
I've already asked Jason about an option of individual pilot skins and he replied that such thing is not in their near future planning…
May be in the future.
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#4 elephant

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Posted 01 November 2010 - 10:18

I also have to notice this…
The Breguet 14 by default is using the same German pilot (bit of a drawback isn't it?) :?
I dont think it would be so difficult for 777 to assign a more appropriate skin to the pilot…

Attached File  Breguet 14 pilot.jpg   333.58KB   2194 downloads
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#5 Der.Mo

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Posted 01 November 2010 - 13:30

Indeed, Looks way better than the original skin,Thank u very much!
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#6 Huetz

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Posted 01 November 2010 - 13:32

Thx for your reply Elephant. Keep up the good work, hopefully we will be able to use these skins in mods off mode anytime soon. Especially with a talented guy on this matter around like you.

C'mon 777, cant be too hard if someone is doing a superb job already to get his work in!
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#7 veltjens

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Posted 01 November 2010 - 14:23

Nice work, elephant!

THANKS for sharing.

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#8 GBrutus

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Posted 01 November 2010 - 20:38

These look superb, Elephant!
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#9 =FB=Chapay

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Posted 01 November 2010 - 21:49

Боже мой, у Рихтгофена нос картошкой ?! Неужели - мы Пскопские? :).
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#10 J5_Wolf

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Posted 01 November 2010 - 22:44

Great Work Elephant,

Any chance to get different faces on different pilots so they all don't look the same….Just asking…
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Posted 01 November 2010 - 22:49

Where do you put the pilot skin files? And where is the .dds file located? I got yours, would be intteresting to try it myself & see if I can get my face on one :lol:
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#12 elephant

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Posted 02 November 2010 - 00:08

Thanks for the kind comments guys!
But consider this, just a warm up… I've worked it further today…


Sorry, I don't speak Russian you said something about Richthofen but I' don't understand… :roll:


Unfortunately not!
At the moment the game engine doesn't support such feature… :(
I've already asked Jason bout it and he replied that we will not see it in the near future,
but who knows…


Hey, slow down a bit…You are the reason for all this you know… ;)
There is a ReadMe file inside the zip that gives the installation instructions,
but I've made it so easy to install with the relevant folder structure already made.
You just have to drop the data folder into your game directory and merge…

OK, now here's the letest update.
I did my homework this morning and I present you an updated version with a reworked helmet
100% authentic! It took some time to realize it flawlessly as I had to overcome the obstacle of
an unhistoric feature implemented on the 3d model: that rollers on the earcaps area, (historic feature for british flying helmets of the era though).
It took a while but I did manage to conceal them all the way! :D
I also toned down the lips a bit, J2_vonHuetz
Have a look at the updated skin to see for yourselves:

Attached File  German pilot update.jpg   418.59KB   925 downloads

Tommorow, I will make the DFW gunner as well and give them both in a bundle…(chic) ;)

Is there a gore feature in RoF that needs to be enabled somehow? because there are dead pilot skins, with blood and stuff, in the graphics1.gtp
Have you ever seen bloody dead pilots in game 'cause I haven't…
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#13 Huetz

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Posted 02 November 2010 - 00:15

Thats cool elephant, thanks! It's looking more realistic now, as I can imagine that flying around for a bit out in the cold with nothing to drink will get those lips all dry and blue-ish. Thx a lot for that!
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Posted 02 November 2010 - 00:45

The snowball effect? is this cause of the scarf thread? Sorry I didn't read the readme, they normally tend to just be credits when I download so I tend to ignore them, The new one looks outstanding!

PS. I haven't seen gore effects ingame, mabey it's coming later? or was on previously?
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#15 Feathered_IV

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Posted 02 November 2010 - 02:21

Nice! I gave my pilots moustaches a while back as a handy hint that Mods were enabled. Never could figure out the blooded pilot skins either. Must be an unactivated feature. A Dh-2 pilot with face mask over mouth and nose would be good too. The current pilot model for pushers is very unrealistic.
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#16 elephant

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Posted 02 November 2010 - 08:47

Yes I agree too about the Entente pilots in general…(ecxept the Breguet 14 gunner).
The face and neck are too exposed…
I could make a pilot for the DH2 as you describe it but automatically will man every Entente fighter.
Unfortunately we are a bit restricted by just having only 4 "pilots" in game…(generic Central pilot+gunner, generic Entente pilot+gunner).
I hope at least that the Breguet issue will be adressed…
A new character needs to be created using the German pilot 3D but skinned differently…
(look at the pic attached on the previous page).
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#17 Dutch2

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Posted 02 November 2010 - 17:23

great job, will try it!!!
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#18 150GCT_Veltro

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Posted 02 November 2010 - 18:09

Another talented skinner is landed to RoF! Great work elephant as usual!

Would be wonderfull have different pilots.
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#19 elephant

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Posted 02 November 2010 - 19:14

Nice to see you too, Veltro! :)
Fingers crossed for the different pilots option, but I'm not expecting anything soon…
Thanks Dutch2, an update including the German gunner, will be ready soon…

OK, Here is the DWC gunner with the historical helmet and a scarf presented to you by "yours trully", (yes that's me folks). :D
I didn't do anything to the uniform because it looks pretty good already. 8-)
Any comments, critique are wellcome before releasing the "final" ones.
About the implementation in game Han suggested that I should start a poll…
I'll keep you informed.

Attached File  German gunner.jpg   912.98KB   866 downloads
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Posted 02 November 2010 - 19:29

PILOT LOOKS GREAT! never realized how suckish the rear gun looked before though :lol:
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#21 Der.Mo

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Posted 02 November 2010 - 21:06

Great work!!
A bit variation to the observers face (like a shorter or longer nose,small or wider mouth for example)would be cool so that they (pilot/observer)don´t look like twins;)

What ever you do, Thank u very much for your effort so far!!
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#22 elephant

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Posted 02 November 2010 - 22:02

Well, I put my face on the observer…
The pilot's face derived from a von Richthofen photo, so they are not the same…
But you have to take in mind that I'm restricted from the 3D model itself…ie I cannot change the face proportions.
If I put a wider or longer nose on the skin for the same given 3D model, it would look kind of grotesque.
It is not that easy as in IL-2, where the model was low poly and almost every frontal picture
worked fine .
In RoF pilots, the skin has to wrap the 3D face up and is like a frontal and side pictures merged together, so there is a lot of streching involved and needs a lot of work for a face to look good.
That's why I said at the first post that the pilot's face started as a Richtofen picture but in the procces I don't know how much of Richtofen has left on it… ;)(Richthofen had a wider face than the one the 3D model has and even if small details remain the same the resemblance is lost, to me at least.
The observer, kind of, looks like me BTW… :P
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#23 Huetz

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Posted 03 November 2010 - 14:59

(…) so there is a lot of streching involved and needs a lot of work for a face to look good.

That's usually an elder woman's problem ;)

Very nice work on the gunner and make sure you share a link on this thread if you decide to make a poll! It would be a shame to let such a great job go to waste in the mods-on underworld.
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#24 HotTom

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Posted 03 November 2010 - 15:44


Yes, I remember your work in IL-2! You have a great eye for detail!


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#25 Der.Mo

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Posted 03 November 2010 - 16:29

Well, I put my face on the observer…
The pilot's face derived from a von Richthofen photo, so they are not the same…

ooops, :lol: hope i didn´t step on your toes!
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#26 E69_truppen

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Posted 03 November 2010 - 17:42

Very good his work, :shock: all I liked the skins of the IL2 and I have them installed.
I hope that in a future they could be seen in the ROF.
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#27 elephant

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 10:28

I have reworked the Imperial German pilots furthermore.
I made an in depth research and added to the flight helmet the proper 100% accurate chinstrap buckle and earflap snap. Also modelled the 1915 patern fliece coat with lambswool collar, issued to flight crews, (as I could better as in the RoF pilot skins a lot of mirroring is involved). Over the coat is worn a privately purchased leather flight pair of trousers, (barely visible in the pics).
Download link will be ready within the day.
Please give your feedback-suggestions…

Attached File  German pilots update v.2.jpg   328.27KB   732 downloads
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#28 Millst0ne

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 11:27

That looks amazing elephant!!!!
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#29 =Fifi=

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 11:45

Wow…you are the ROF Karl Lagerfeld !
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#30 Feathered_IV

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 12:01

Beautiful. I sincerely hope the devs see your work and make an effort to provide more variety in the default pilots. Even better if they could officially use yours.
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#31 Fubar

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 21:11

Yes top notch mate ;) love them :!:
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#32 Der.Mo

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 21:38

Wow, can´t wait for the link to download them.
Looks fantastic!
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#33 Gimpy117

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 22:03

maybe we can submit it as an included mod…would be cool to be able to switch between famous pilots
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Posted 07 December 2010 - 22:29

Can you make the lenses on the goggles invisible? I saw the .dds file & it looks like theres eyes behind the Goggles, so it should work. Other than that it looks great!
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#35 Pimpin

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 22:38

Would love to see this in an official update! Great work.
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#36 elephant

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 23:16

OK, guys thank you all for your kind comments, here they are:

Attached File  German pilots v.2.7z   881.64KB   79 downloads

Instalation: copy the data folder included in the zip to your game's main directory.
If you got a previous version let the folders get merged and files overwritten.

I have noticed a small drawback with the HP O/400 as it uses the German observer/gunner as fuselage top gunner as well (Grrrr… those developers are driving me crazy!!! They corrected the mistake with the Breguet pilot being the German pilot character as I noted them and now they've placed the German gunner in the HP O/400)… :x

So I have included an alternative data file with the German gunner having the default brown leather flight suit and fits better as "British" in the HP. (to install copy the data folder included in the alternative folder to your game's main directory).
Use the one that suits you the best, they will be both historically correct as lots of individually purchased garments and equipment were used by flight crews during WWI, also many captured items were used as well.

About making them official I will make a poll topic and the implementation "officially" in game is up to you guys. I'll keep you posted… ;)

About adding more variety, aces and stuff has already been proposed to the developers, but as Jason answered, such feature is not currently supported by the game's engine but could be developed in the future.
Lib, the eyes are "fogged" by the goggle lens… Right now they are more visible than the default ones were. It can be done, would it be natural though? Also a tint on the lens could be added as well. I prefered a more neutral approach myself though.
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Posted 07 December 2010 - 23:30

well the goggles have eyes on them, so when I'm piloting the bomber, (and two seaters later) I see eyes that stick out, which looks very stupid to me. From far away aircraft it makes no difference, but fly a HP & look at the gunner, it looks like his eyeballs are squeezed into his goggles.

Or were you talking about your new version? I'm confused :D
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#38 elephant

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Posted 08 December 2010 - 00:08

OK, now I understand what you are saying…
(I have't flown the HP yet, but once just to navigate through the different stations).
It's the way the game renders the eyes… a bit stupid according to all the other little details that are included. (the eyes are actually rendered on the goggle lens and the face is eyeless in the template).
I have to make some smart decisions on how to skin the Entente pilots as the mirroring is too restricting to depict many details correctly…
We'll see…
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Posted 08 December 2010 - 01:45

I thought the face had eyes. Nevermind, I guess you could find some eyes on the internet and try to line them up as bast as you can, and make the part over the goggles invisible
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#40 elephant

  • Posts: 1156

Posted 08 December 2010 - 08:43

Well, I will try fiddling with the alpha channel and see what happens…
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