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Announcing the Creation of Community Medals for ROF.

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Posted 12 October 2010 - 04:57

Attention Pilots!

777 Studios hereby establishes the following Community Medals for Rise of Flight on this Twelfth day of October in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Ten.

Hero of Rise of Flight 3rd Class

Hero of Rise of Flight 2nd Class

Hero of Rise of Flight 1st Class

Order of 777 Studios


These medals shall be awarded to individuals who exemplify the best qualities of a Rise of Flight community member and help to strengthen the bonds of fraternity amongst the virtual clouds.

Such worthy actions include the creation of useful content, helpful comments to others, constructive assistance and other acts of kindness and thoughtfulness that go above and beyond the call of duty and reflect the motto of 777 Studios – Amicitia Veneratio Nixus

Medals shall be awarded by ROF Staff on an irregular basis and are a token our appreciation for your kind support. The awards shall be distributed in-game beginning with the 1.016 update and notice of such awards shall be posted in this special forum.

Note: Campaigning for Community Medals or complaining about who received a Community Medal is heavily frowned upon.

Instructions: Nominations for Community Awards can and shall be sent privately to Awards at 777Studios dot net. Nominations sent to any other email address will be ignored and deleted. Nominations sent via PM will also be ignored and deleted. A very brief explanation for the nomination is encouraged, but should be very brief. Lengthy nomination emails will be passed over. Keep it short and to the point please.

Carry on,

Rise of Flight Team
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