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The Camel Fag: Special Edition [Jasta 99, Sizzlorr]

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#1 Hellbender

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Posted 30 September 2010 - 21:31



Today, we have only a single point on the agenda.

And with good reason.

It isn't every day that The Camel Fag has the honour and privilege to be a small part of a joyous occasion such as this one.

Please join me in congratulating our fellow flyers of Jasta 99 and the entire German-speaking Rise of Flight community.



Meet the Squadron: Jasta 99


10 years, ladies and gentlemen, to the very day.

I don't know about you, but ten years ago I couldn't tell a camel apart from a dromedary, let alone one Albatros from another.

These guys were already flaming Camel fags… under the very same banner.

This is something which all fledgling squadrons can aspire to.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch und noch viele erfolgreiche Jahre!

S! Bender

Special thanks goes out to Sizzlorr for providing nearly all content in this issue.

P.S. I do weddings, too!


The Jasta Chronicles: Red Baron and Beyond



1 October 2000

Jasta 99 is founded by two Red Baron 3D pilots, seeking to give a home squadron to German-speaking pilots. The member count grows steadily. A rank system is introduced similar to real Great War squadrons. A lifetime friendship and partnership is started with another Red Baron squadron: the Rasselbande. As squadron identity begins to take form, pilots start to create squadron skins for their planes. The colors used are mostly brown with white stripes and competing American squadrons quickly award them the nickname "The Chipmunks".




The Jasta takes part in its first tournament and the first female pilot joins the squadron. In the summer of 2002, they take part in the Red Baron World League III, RBWL3 for short, and in the winter of that same year, also participate in War Forces II. The highlight of the year is a squadron meeting at Kobold's. Attending the meeting are people from all over the German-speaking community, from J99 as well as from the Rasselbande and FA62.



In 2003, the member count continues to grow, but also sees a number of pilots leaving the Jasta because of real life constraints. Nevertheless, a maximum pilot count is reached and the Jasta is forced to decline applications for a time.




A busy year for the Jasta, as it is divided in two separate squadrons: the original Jasta 99 and KoA: Knights of Air. The squadron structure changes yet again as new ranks and medals are introduced.



Another eventful year, as a change of leadership takes place. Greif, one of the founding members of the Jasta, retires from his position as Squadron Commander and von Fuchs is elected to carry forth the torch. The highlight of 2004 is the squadron meeting at Kirchheim Teck on the Hahnenweide where a vintage plane meeting takes place every two years.




2006 is a very quiet year, by contrast. Few structual changes are made in the Jasta, as ranks are now corresponding to the real German military in the First World War.



A fateful year. Vivendi, owner of the metaserver of Red Baron 3D pulls the plug. Along with the rest of the community, the Jasta takes it upon itself to reorganize four new metasevers, one of them under their administration. Hasso and Kobold are both awarded the Orden Pour le Mérite for their involvement in the operation to save the Red Baron 3D online community, fittingly dubbed Plan B. The virtual skies over France and Belgium are once again ablaze with honour, glory and friendship.




The Jasta's structure continues to evolve over time as the squadron takes part in the St. Mihiel reenactment. The major event of that year is a change in command. Rittmeister von Fuchs hands over the torch to Hasso, the present Squadron Commander.



In 2009 the squadron homepage moves from jasta99.de to homedrome.de as a new Great War flight sim lurks on the horizon. Rise of Flight is in beta test phase and five Jasta pilots have earned the privilege of taking part in it. Rise of Flight's potential did not take long for everyone to see and it is now the Jasta's primary flight simulator. Shortly after release, member count is on the rise again. Soon enough, a number of paint schemes echoing the old days can be spotted in the online skies.



2010 and beyond

After organizing Squad Bat, the first great Rise of Flight event at the end of 2009, the Jasta has remained a particularly active part of the community, playing squadron matches against other squadrons, such as Les Hellequins (see Camel Fag 01) and generally participating in all things Rise of Flight, both in and out of the cockpit.

Their contributions to the worldwide community have been legion in the form of beta testing, mission building and server hosting.

Today, with over 50 pilots on the roster, and hosting the official homepage of the German-speaking community, Jasta 99 is the largest squadron in that part of the world.

Actually, very likely the largest dedicated First World War squadron anywhere in the world.


The Jasta Chronicles: The Flyers

Doing a biography for every single pilot would fill several editions of The Camel Fag.

As such, Sizzlorr has made a selection of pilots who have made their presence felt and earned the squadron's respect one way or another.

If you still want to know more, you can find an entry for every single member, neatly organised here:

Jasta 99 Organisational Structure [http://homedrome.de/Jasta99/J99Organisationsstruktur/tabid/123/language/de-DE/Default.aspx]


Being from Switzerland he shows what the Swiss are known for: precision.

He displays exact flying, studying the planes and enemies carefully to know precisely how to engage his opponents. Expert in Zoom 'n Boom, he has the patience and stamina to turn the fight to his advantage (without turnfighting). Even at a disadvantage, he is quick to recognizes his opponent's mistake and make it their last.



He is known for two things: no fear and squadron stats.

A skilled fighter pilot, he often earns the respect from his opponents. His acquired skills allow him to take the fight to the enemy, even when at a numerical disadvantage and, most importantly, live to tell the tale. He is very active "behind the scenes" in the Jasta doing statistics, strategy planning, acting as team representative at tournaments and training newcomers. On top of all that, his efforts to maintain the Red Baron 3D tournament statistics have been recognised by the entire RB3D community.


A talented dogfighter who learned quickly from his training officers.

He represents the "new breed" of young pilots, who make good use of Teamspeak and the experience of veteran pilots. Trained by Cloudon and Dirk he quickly matched them in dogfight skills and later made it to Training Officer on his own.



Just call him daddy.

He started an unmatched career within the Jasta, making it up to Commanding Officer since December 2008. Hasso is known as the "Boelcke of J99", being an expert for tactics. Having Hasso on your side can act as a real force multiplier, analysing the situation and quickly taking the correct decisions. He also knows the planes and how to fly them, making him a strong opponent in fight.


One of the most talented pilots of the Jasta.

v.Hardth is a rocket. He joined the Jasta and quickly overtook his drill instructors. He could be called the "Werner Voss of J99". Be careful whenever you engage him!


The resident clown.

Whenever you fly with Alesi, you'll have a blast (sometimes literally). Okay, he may be known for FUI (flying under influence), but if concentrated, he shows excellent pilot skills! Sometimes.

It could happen that he engages an enemy aerodrome dropping bombs while flying upside down. At times he zig-zags underneath bridges to shake off an enemy. His wingmen tend to become exasperated after a while, but always end up forgiving him because of the sheer fun they're having.



Excellent lone-wolf bomber.

A veteran known as Charly in the early days of RB3D. He turned out to be a perfect lone-wolf bomber, especially for long runs behind enemy lines. He shows awesome skills on the rear-gun of two-seaters. Whoever stays longer than two second at his six at the same position risks a head-shot! As soon as bombers are released in Rise of Flight, he'll be a force to be reckoned with.

Von Fuchs


Following Greif, the founder of the Jasta, he led the squadron from July 2005 until December 2008. His command took J99 through to the modern era of online simming and his skills as media designer lead give birth to the unique website, award pages and forums.

In the sky, he shows great skill, living by the Dicta Boelcke, which he also teaches to new recruits.

(Note from TCF: the fantastic 10th Year Anniversary logo is his design)


The granddaddy of J99.

He is one of those guys spending most of their time in the cellar and building mock-ups of cockpits or working on his RC planes. A real Great War flight enthusiast.

Nevertheless, he can fight with nearly every plane. After a break he came back to the Jasta. The whole squadron is glad to have a pilot with such experience back in their ranks.


Pure bomber with a lot of patience and stamina.

He is one of the most reliable bomber pilots of J99. Whenever duty calls, he will be there. In many tournaments, he has shown unmatched rates of combat readiness. In many cases he flew ALL matches. When J99 prepares for battle, you can always count on Zitz.



One of the old faithfuls of Jasta99.

Together with Zitz, he forms the backbone of the Jasta's bomber division. During tournaments, he can always be found within the top 5 bombers, making him an invaluable asset the squadron.


The Sergeant Major of J99.

If you want something organised… ask him. Whenever something needs doing, he can make it happen, you just need to ask. The entire Jasta remembers him for his performance at the 2009 squad meeting at Teck air show, taking care of all planning and logistical issues.

In the air he is a very good bomber and one can always depend on him when a target requires ordnance delivered to it.


Left to right: von Raitz, WidowFactory, Himmelhund, WidowGirl (with baby Emily), Lutz, Bentley, Sanchez, Gardak, Kobold, Basti, Grimbold, Dirk, Adler, vonTrips, von Fuchs, EasyTarget

Left to right kneeling: Rover, Sizzlorr, CSchmidt


Oh there wait a minute, you didn't think you could get away without having to spill the beans about yourself, did you?

Last but not least:

Acemaker: Sizzlorr

THE CAMEL FAG: You obviously have a lot of respect for your fellow squadron mates. Tell me, how did you you get involved with Jasta 99?

Sizzlorr: Well, one thing is for sure, it doesn't cover 10 years of flying like the Jasta timeline does. (laughs)

I had my first flightsim experience with Red Baron. Yes, not Red Baron II or Red Baron 3D, it was just Red Baron and I flew with my keyboard and without Track IR. But no I didn't start my pilot career back then. It was just the first contact with flightsims I had. Well, then comes a long time nothing. I played first person shooters and strategy games.

It was in 2008 that I rediscovered my love for flightsims. It was the Red Baron movie which was in the cinemas at that time, which reminded me of the good old times. So I searched the internet for the old game Red Baron and I found the homepage of Jasta 99. That's how I got involved in the Red Baron 3D community.


TCF: And how did it go at first?

Sizzlorr: I had a lot to learn. Me, a total greenhorn up against veteran pilots from the American squadrons and the German ones. Thankfully, Jasta 99 has a flight school where every new member must spend his first 3 months. I had a lot of training lessons with Cloudon, Grimbold, Hasso, Dirk and some with Bentley of KoA.

They all taught me flying skills, gunnery skills, air combat tactics and such. After finishing my 3 month in flight school I became a J99'er.

TCF: Apart from the pilots, what is it that sets Jasta 99 apart from other squadrons?

Sizzlorr: One thing I really like about the Jasta is that we have fancy ranks displayed on even fancier uniforms and you can earn medals if you are committed to the Jasta. You can watch my pilots record for my rank and my awards.

Pilotenakten for Sizzlorr [http://www.homedrome.de/Jasta99/J99Organisationsstruktur/Pilotenakten/tabid/338/language/de-DE/Default.aspx?PilotenID=50#/0]

I also participated in two tournaments and some events, and it was a lot of fun even if I didn't get many victories. Then Rise of Flight came along and i was one of the first lucky testers. I was immediately hooked and in love with this flightsim.


TCF: As a Red Baron 3D veteran, what are your favourite planes in Rise of Flight?

Sizzlorr: I love the Albatros D.Va and D.III in Rise of Flight because i loved them in Red Baron too. They are my aircraft of choice in both sims. I guess I like to fly the underdogs. I also like the Dr.I and the D.VIIF on the German side. On the Entente side, I love the S.E.5a and the Nieuport 11 and I also like the Camel to some degree. (smiles)

TCF: Oh my, a greenhorn and a Camel fag, that's not good at all! But I'm sure your squadron mates will forgive you.

Thanks for everything, Sizzlorr! See you in the skies!

Weapons of Choice

· Stick: Thrustmaster 16000
· View: TrackIR 5

Visit Jasta 99 online

http://www.homedrome.de/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">http://www.homedrome.de/


The fag end

Ladies and gentlemen, a bright future smiles upon you.

I hope this humble tribute will make you look back with pride on the past 10 years and inspire you and many other squadrons for the next 10 to come.

It takes love and dedication. It takes patience to fight the bad times and passion to enjoy the good times.

But most of all, it just takes a bunch of friends who decide to achieve something worthwhile together.

What more could you ever ask for in this sim?

…oh shut up about the Nieuport 28, already.


P.S. I've already booked you for the 1 October 2020 edition of The Camel Fag.

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#2 hq_Reflected

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 06:12

Bender, thanks for another fantastic edition of "TheCamelFag".
Happy Birthday J99, it's good to know some more about you.
vonFuchs: nice uniform! :shock:

PS: I always thought you guys were a lot older. Looks like I was mistaken :D
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#3 ST_ami7b5

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 06:31

Excellent as usual, Bender!

Congrats to all J99 folks!
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#4 catchov

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 06:44

We get special editions too :) Sehr gut.
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#5 =J99=Sizzlorr

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 10:57

S! Bender thank you so much for this special edition of the Camel Fag and for all the attention and good wishes we get through it on our 10th anniversary! The Jasta 99 feels honored by you well written article! Thank you again!
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#6 hq_Jorri

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 11:23

Many congratulations to J99, and a big thank you for your driving force behind the WWI flightsim community!

I can only hope we will last as long as you have, and that you will still be around when we get to celebreate our 10th :D
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#7 J2_Sturm

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 11:27

Nice one J99, good to know more about you guys. :D

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#8 Tom-Cundall

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 11:33

Congrats and good issue Bender!

Is there a commemorative skin to celebrate?
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#9 Leaf85

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 15:44

Great issue Bender. Congratulations to J99 and its membership on reaching the 10 year mark! Well done, indeed.

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#10 1PL-Lucas-1Esk

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Posted 01 October 2010 - 19:40

Fantastic issue!
On the behalf of 1.PL I would like to congratulate all the Jasta 99 members on the 10th Anniversary. I with you luck, tons of fun and another thrilling 10 years in the sim world :)

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CO of 1.Pułk Lotniczy


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Posted 01 October 2010 - 20:44

I like smell of fresh morning coffe and ofcourse fresh newspaper :) Congrats to J99 and thanks for t-shirt.
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#12 Speedingbullets

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Posted 08 October 2010 - 06:10

Thanks for all the editions so far Bender and all those that have been involed, your interesting stories and comic relief has helped keep my mind from the front during r&r. Its also good to see the tips and training mentioned (they`re a great help).
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#13 Marco_._

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Posted 08 October 2010 - 09:14

Again splendid job Bender. Congrats to J99 for their anniversary.
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#14 =FB=VikS

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Posted 08 October 2010 - 09:55

Nice one!
Happy Birthday J99!
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#15 SYN_Tomslik

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Posted 29 October 2010 - 05:06

Nice thread !
=IRFC= Mols just told me about the Camel Fag tonight on comms.

guess I just hadnt been to it yet ? iunno ? anyway …..
Ive got the http://camelfag.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">http://camelfag.com/ bookmarked now 8-)

Keep it up Bender !

cheers !
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