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ROF Multiplayer - Syndicate Server

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#1 WWBrian

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Posted 29 August 2010 - 10:04

I get that different folks have different ideas of what "Immersion" means for them…

But for me, if a game can get my heart racing, my blood pumping, or to a point where I need a pry-bar just to let go of the joystick…

…then I'm pretty Immersed!


Earlier today, I had the most immersive sortie I've had in Rise of Flight multiplayer (on the Syndicate server) in quite some time!!

I saw around 10 players in the server. So I jumped on the ToW Ventrillo. =IRFC= mols was the only pilot on comms, and he was gracious enough to wing with me, a damn fine pilot! And a player that is more than gracious…

…this is what went down…

=IRFC= mols flew lead in his Nieuport N.11, and I flew his wing in my trusty Airco Dh2 "Spinning Incinerator". We rolled out together from Sivry, near Verdun and I circled-climbed the airfield a bit, searching for my wing leader. I'm not exactly sure how, but I hadn't noticed mols was already heading east alongside another Dh2. He thought he was with me. I flared, and mols circled once so I could catch up, and we spotted a dogfight by time we reached Verdun.

We came in almsot co-alt to the dogfight, but slightly above. Like any good leader - Mols surveyed the area before engaging the lone Eindecker. I stayed up high to provide cover as there was already the other Dh2 in the scrap, as well as two N.11s inbound.

When the other N.11 engaged, again, as a good leader would, mols decided to disengage to avert any potential collisions and regain his lost altitude. I continued to orbit the fight as he climbed.

We relinked up with the dofight still in progress below us, and mols spotted Eindeckers coming in from the east. He was above, and again, gathered as much situational awarness as he could before engaging.

The enemy E.III pilot pulled up hard to bring guns to bear on mols. I engaged him at that point and placed a few unproductive rounds into his machine. A quick scissors and I straffed acrossed the back of his machine. A second E.III joined in and we began an opposing downward spiral - both enemy moving to get into a firing position against my Dh2.

Those tight turns took one enemy machine well below my own. However, the other enemy machine disengaged me and climbed for altitude, chosing not to lose his energy following us in very tight circles.

…then a third, green-painted enemy machine joined in slightly above me and the one I was tangled with.

I disengaged the lowest Eindecker, and then realized that joust had dropped me much lower than my leader! Fortunately mols had height advantage still. He showed great tactical prowess by dragging the now two enemy machines in a circle-climb - just out of the reach of their guns…and without increasing the distance away from his wingman.

During my climb, I had an opportunity for a snapshot at the enemy machine that was previously engaged with me moments ago, but I was not aware of any effects I may have had.

I put my DH2 in a slow, steep climb, feeling like I am beginning to be more of a liability as a wingman, than an asset.

I started to perspire…

Near the edge of flight, I pushed my little Airco into the best climb rate I could muster. The two enemy appeared bent on reaching my leader as they seemed completely unaware of my presence. Perhaps they just knew I was too low to be a threat.

Then I hear the report of enemy guns!

I'm still too low! I ask if mols can bring them down. Apparently, the green-painted E.III was also too low, as I spotted him spinning out of control. I assume he exited his flight envelope trying to maintain a gun solution on mols' higher N.11. I spit out a quick burst as he spiraled down in front of me. Mols then replied to my request with, "Setting up for a 'drag-n-bag'." Again, a valiant selfless move!

Mols dives across my path, setting me up perfectly for the kill shot. I swing around and bring my lewis to bear on the enemy.

I let loose a burst, sure I score at least a few hits…

But wait!

I just came out of a steep climb and have almost zero energy!

Both my leader and his persuing enemy just came out of a bit of a dive, and have enough smash to pull away from me!

The enemy has bloodlust and will not let go! Mols' Nieuport is getting torn to bits!

I tell mols I can't keep up and tell him to evade!

Just then, the engine on mols' N.11 bursts into flames.

OH CRAP (actually, those wern't the words I used in my PC chair!)

I continue to unload into the enemy as he breaks into a hard diving right. Using the vertical, he pulls almost strait up and rudders over to quickly change direction. This is no novice that just downed my leader! But I was able to score some severe damage to his left wing spar as he slowed at the top. Because as he pulled out, he left wing departed from his machine and he spiraled in. At that same moment, that green-painted E.III that was spinning out of control moments ago, was now on my six and refusing to let go!

Then another Eindecker joined in! I tried to stay agile with my superior roll rate and used scissors maneuvers, but I got very slow and low on energy.

Then I found out how and why this aircraft got this nickname…..

I can only thank the lucky stars there was another Nieuport 11 to jump in and keep this green-painted Eindecker busy!!

…I pull out heading northeast at under 100 feet and make my way towards the nearest treeline.

Now, not only am I perspiring, my heart is pounding!

I check my immediate area. Then check it again. With my six presumed to be clear, I follow some treelines and make a lazy turn left back towards a two-seven-zero heading.

I can see the ensuing furball off to the west and I am distant enough to gain the required altitude to re-engage without being too slow. I line up on the easiest target - a slow-moving, climber. I squeezed off a high 90-degree deflection shot, and must have landed some good hits, and the enemy machine immediatly performed a wonderful split-S! I don't think he saw me engage as his maneuver, while executed with perfection, provided no tactical benefit to his situation, he then proceeded to turn away from me, making it even easier for me to keep him in my lewis' sights.

I crawled right up on his rudder - at one point, I couldn't have been more than 10 feet away! This must have been when he finally saw me - and it must have spooked him pretty bad, he broke right, dove, and almost lost control at a mere 10 feet off the ground! Not a good place to be in combat, in these low-powered kites! But then he wobbled a bit and recovered. But then almost smashed into the corner of a building!

Watching in horror, I broke off and hoped for him to be able to pull himself together to make a landing. Watching from my vantage point just above him on his 8 o'clock, I saw his machine flip over - those pilots sit so far out of the top of their machines - certainly he was crushed! A grusome thought indeed.

I circled around to find what had become of the green-painted enemy and witnessed two Nieuport 11s on the tail of an enemy scout. Surely that was him. As I got closer, it was not that green adversary I was looking for! To my suprise, I was relieved.

He circled around and we made what was almost a head-on pass. I opened up with a 90-degree deflection shot, and by time he was facing me, I had completely blown off the right side elevator on his machine. He attempted to swing around for a parting shot on me without any luck. And with an N.11 still on his tail, he decided to set his wounded bird down right then and there.

I was in a position to get a gun solution, but decided to climb as to not get in the Nieuport's way.

After the enemy had safely landed, I assessed my mount, gathered my bearings and returned to base…

…I wonder what ever happened to that green-painted Eindecker. Perhaps we'll meet again!

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#2 Marco_._

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Posted 29 August 2010 - 10:37

we had a blast last night….what a great bunch of pilots loitering there…
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#3 WWBrian

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Posted 29 August 2010 - 22:15

Hear hear Tvrdi…

btw - theres also a 1080p version up now at:

http://www.youtube.c...h?v=yIMu-y1c8No" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">
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#4 ATAG_Bliss

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Posted 29 August 2010 - 22:29

Sounds like a blast! Very nice video.. I can't believe you made it out of that spin right before the ground.. Nicely done ;)
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#5 J2_squid

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Posted 30 August 2010 - 02:37

Great stuff Brian.

Love the DH2, its the rare plane that tempts me back from the darkside, but it a favourite.

great vid
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#6 =IRFC=mols

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Posted 03 September 2010 - 21:16

You never know when you're being filmed and your voice transcribed, I'm going to have to be careful! ;)

S Brian! It was a fun battle. Enjoyed the video, laughed at numerous parts especially when I saw myself go down in flames. Thanks for the undeserved comments!

=IRFC= mols
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