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HD configuration best for Rof ?

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#1 W1ndy

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Posted 04 July 2010 - 00:20

Hello. I'm wondering about HD set ups, looking for the best load times and performance (safety of data is not a consideration)

ATM I have a WD with 250 G, in two partitions, with the OS on one, and RoF on the other, outside of program files in it's own folder.

I'm looking at possibly ;

Option 1 a second ,faster HD (the Samsung spinpoint F3) with RoF on it, and very little else.

Should the OS go onto this new HD as well or would things be fine with the OS on the old HD and a dual boot ? That might be an incredibly dumb question. :lol: Does the OS need to be on the drive you boot into ?

Option 2, a SS drive just for RoF - but I'm skeptical about the speed increase for loading and playing.
Some reviews don't show a big increase, or an increase at all in speed of tasks.
Again, should the OS go on this drive ?

Option 3 a new faster HD , the F3 ,with the OS, RoF ,and all my other stuff on it, either one partition or two, whichever's best.

Hopefully someone out there knows about hard drives..
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#2 Chaos

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Posted 04 July 2010 - 05:36

The Samsung F3's are lightning fast, and cheap, I have 4 in Raid 0.

If your going SSD make sure you get one with the new sandfast conroller, I have 3 60GB Corsairs in raid 0 ($750) ~800Mbs Read 750Mbs write, and the above F3's. OS, Steam, And games are on the SSD, mliked some files back to the f3 array that didn't need to be on the SSD.

750 bucks for 180 gigs or 200 for 1.5Tb

I do notice that the load times are quicker, windows boot times are 1/3rd what they were with the os being on the f3 array. Micro stuttering seemed to stop also, but that could have been from the latest patch
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#3 skline00

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 01:52

Iuse my Intel 80g ssd for the OS and my 1tb Samsung F3 Spinpoint for the game. FAST!
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