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Albatross D.2

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#161 ImPeRaToR

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Posted 21 September 2010 - 13:29

It'll probably out turn the D2 but as with the Camel that level of performance will require quite a bit of skill to achieve.

I'm no Camel jock, but my first multiplayer fight was in a Camel vs the D.II, and I out-turned that D.II with the speed of a hot blond turning to catch her reflection in a passing store front window. :lol:

The Camel vs. any of the Albatrosses is one of the most lopsided matchups in the game.

Analogue to bus - busses? ;)

Still the same paradox, RL vs online dogfight. IRL Speed, climb and dive were key, online people primarily looks for sustained turn…

Imp, I prefer speed, climb, and dive, and I only dogfight on the internet. :)

Well, I said "primarily" :) Those complaining about things anyway.
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#162 Mogster

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Posted 21 September 2010 - 17:50

How about Albatri :)

The Camel does doughnuts with 10% fuel but with 100% its quite a bit different. I can't dominate the AI D2 when I take a full load of gas, I find the Camel stalls much easier in turns with a full gas tank.
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#163 Kwiatek

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Posted 21 September 2010 - 18:03

Still the same paradox, RL vs online dogfight. IRL Speed, climb and dive were key, online people primarily looks for sustained turn…

Does turn rate matter? No. This sunday 1.PL and hq had a match, 6on6. The planes were Dolphin/S.E.5a/Spad vs D.XII/D.VII/D.Va/D.IIIa. Consequently it was a big BnZ fight with the Germans trapped over their airfield most of the time, apart from the very first start.

The entente won both rounds (one round was won by 1, one by 6 kills, or 12-11 and 13-7 respectively).

YOu miss some points. What you wrote about match between late war planes is nothing strange for me. It would be very stupid to try turnfights with planes which turn better. They only resonable tactic is Boom and Zoom. Planes like Spad XIII or SE5a were much better in Boom and Zomm tactic then turning.

But here is a topic about Albatros DII and its relative performacne against planes like DH-2 and Nieports. Albatros DII which was surly not known as a turn fighter here could easly wins turnfights with planes which suppose to be better in turn fights then it. What i know Albatros were and should be in Boom and Zoom tactic against Nieports. It had also better high alt perofmance. These things + better armamanet casue that generally it was a better plane but it doeasnt mean that it was better turn fighter.

Moreover what when you have a plane which historicaly had the only adventage in turn rate but in game it have not so you dont have any adventage which you should have. Nieuports were suppose to be more nimble and manouverable then Albatros fighters and were not worse in turn rate.
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