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Airplanes Performance Search and Discussion.

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Posted 18 June 2010 - 18:13

So, many of us have their own sources of truth, and now i think we need to get from words to the doings.
So if you think you have any useful information for aircrafts listed in this topic - show em, so we will decide and make a final conclusion together.
That means that community will be directly involved in the flight model discussion and partly responcible on the performance numbers, so i think it will reduce flaming-style topics about flight models (oh dreams dreams:)).

Also it will help alot woth information structurisation and it search on forum for developers.

Topic discussions will be split into two (2+2) parts, one will be heavily moderated - only current data and pilots quotes allowed and any free subjects or discussion posts will be deleted w/o any warning, other - is open for discussion topic, where you can talk about "what i think how it should be" and discuss it with others.

When posting for main topic - add a name of airplane in subject and post or attach information only! And dont forget to note a source of the info!
You also can add a link for discussion topic related to this information.

Beware flight model flamers! :)


So lets go on subject.

First part - is the known flight model issues, here are they
(if youd like to add more - post em here

1) Sopwith Dolphin horizontal speed
2) Albatros D.Va horizontal speed
3) Pfalz D.IIIa - maneuvers too good, horizontal speed too low
4) Nieuport 28 maneuvreability
5) Nieuport 11 maneuvreability
6) Nieuport 17 maneuvreability and speed
7) Se5a engine overrev (already taken as confirmed, will be fixed)
8) Fokker D.VII roll speed.

Current ROF Airplanes Flight Model Data Topic.

Current ROF Airplanes Flight Model Discussion Topic.

Here is the list of airplanes performance information needed in the future:

NOTE: this doesnt mean that they will be produced in ROF (no promises!), no dates or explanations on this subject.

Sopwith Pup
Sopwith Triplane

Handley Page 0/400
Gotha G.V

Data Topic for Airplanes Performance.

Discussion Topic for Airplanes Performance.

Performance and engine installed to get this performance.
For the planes information, as much you are able to get - as better.
Different parts weights, empty weignts, take off weights.
Propeller type used, diameter, pitch.
Engine type used (engine information if possible)
Fuel and oil onboard.
Pilot notes with quotes (anecdotal evidences)

Once a week, i will draw a line and collect all the airplanes performance into first post of topic, so to make an conclusion (and so you will be able to discuss it).
PS: if you have any more requests or suggestions - you may contact me thru PM directly.
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