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#628960 New "Useful Materials" Page - Official Links

Posted by Panthercules on 05 March 2015 - 04:31

                                      Useful Materials


Rise Of Flight User Manual (v.1033c Rev.1)


English:  https://rof.s3.amazo...h_133c_rev1.zip

French:  https://rof.s3.amazo...h_133c_rev1.zip

German:  https://rof.s3.amazo...n_133c_rev1.zip

Russian:  https://rof.s3.amazo...n_133c_rev1.zip

Spanish:  https://rof.s3.amazo...h_133c_rev1.zip


Steam Free-2-Play New Player Guide (HotleadColdfeet, with video by J2_Jakob)




RoF Mission Editor User Manual:  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/ROF_Mission_Editor_User_Manual.zip



Official Mods Site for Rise of Flight Mods:    [site apparently no longer active/available - link removed] - see list of Panther's favorite mods, here:  https://riseofflight...-favorite-mods/



(Approximate release date and installed size of skin packs on HDD in parentheses below)


Official Skin Pack (latest version, 1.033, 3.21 GB):  https://rof.s3.amazo...ack_v.1.033.exe


Community Skin Packs - Historical


Historical Volume 1 (10 JUN 2010; 510 MB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.1.exe

Historical Volume 2 (3 AUG 2010; 1.26 GB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.2.exe

Historical Volume 3 (6 OCT 2010; 579 MB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.3.exe

Historical Volume 4 (1 DEC 2010; 693 MB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.4.exe

Historical Volume 5 (30 JAN 2011; 563 MB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.5.exe

Historical Volume 6 (23 MAR 2011; 435 MB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.6.exe

Historical Volume 7 (30 MAY 2011; 441 MB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.7.exe

Historical Volume 8 (28 AUG 2011; 951 MB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.8.exe

Historical Volume 9 (16 NOV 2011; 812 MB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.9.exe

Historical Volume 10 (21 DEC 2011; 344 MB): https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.10.exe

Historical Volume 11 (21 MAR 2012; 446 MB): https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.11.exe

Historical Volume 12 (24 JUN 2012; 543 MB): https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.12.exe

Historical Volume 13 (23 DEC 2012; 605 MB): https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.13.exe

Historical Volume 14 (23 MAR 2013; 988 MB): https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.14.exe

Historical Volume 15 (19 AUG 2013; 2.08 GB): https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.15.exe

Historical Volume 16 (18 DEC 2014; 640 MB): https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.16.exe

Historical Volume 17 (26 JAN 2015; 22.4 MB)https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.17.exe

Historical Volume 18 (22 MAY 2015; 60.3 MB)https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.18.exe

Historical Volume 19 https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Historical_Skinspack_Vol.19.exe




Community Skin Packs - Fictional


Fictional Volume 1 (10 JUN 2010; 1.52 GB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.1.exe

Fictional Volume 2 (3 AUG 2010; 974 MB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.2.exe

Fictional Volume 3 (6 OCT 2010; 762 MB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.3.exe

Fictional Volume 4 (1 DEC 2010; 1.41 GB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.4.exe

Fictional Volume 5 (30 JAN 2011; 1.05 GB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.5.exe

Fictional Volume 6 (23 MAR 2011; 1.28 GB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.6.exe

Fictional Volume 7 (30 MAY 2011; 1.75 GB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.7.exe

Fictional Volume 8 (28 AUG 2011; 2.27 GB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.8.exe

Fictional Volume 9 (16 NOV 2011; 1.30 GB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.9.exe

Fictional Volume 10 (21 DEC 2011; 666 MB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.10.exe

Fictional Volume 11 (21 MAR 2012; 1.56 GB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.11.exe

Fictional Volume 12 (24 JUN 2012; 2.16 GB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.12.exe

Fictional Volume 13 (23 DEC 2012; 2.36 GB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.13.exe

Fictional Volume 14 (23 MAR 2013; 1.91 GB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.14.exe

Fictional Volume 15 (19 AUG 2013; 1.22 GB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.15.exe

Fictional Volume 16 (18 DEC 2014; 3.34 GB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.16.exe

Fictional Volume 17 (26 JAN 2015; 114 MB):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.17.exe

Fictional Volume 18 (22 MAY 2015; 342 MB)https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.18.exe

Fictional Volume 19 https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RoF_Community_Fictional_Skinspack_Vol.19.exe


Skin Preview .jpg to .dd "converter" (for Volumes 1-9):  http://www.mediafire...s_converter.zip


Skin Templates (for creating new skins):


Albatros D.II:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/AlbatrosD2.psd.zip

Albatros D.III:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/AlbatrosD3.psd.zip

Albatros D.Va:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/AlbatrosD5.psd.zip
Brandenburg W12:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/W12.psd.zip

Breguet 14:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/breguet14.psd.zip

Bristol F2BF2 and F2BF3:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/BristolF2B.psd.zip

DFW C.V:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/DFWCV.psd.zip

Airco DH.2:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/DH2.psd.zip
Airco DH.4:   https://rof.s3.amazo.../UM/DH4.psd.zip  (if not working, try   http://www.mediafire...emplate_DH4.zip  )

F.E.2B:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/fe2b.psd.zip

Felixstowe F.2a:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/FelixF2A.psd.zip

Fokker D.VII:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/FokkerD7.psd.zip

Fokker D.VIIF (closed):   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/FokkerD7F.psd.zip

Fokker D.VIIF (open):   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/FokkerD7F_open.psd.zip

Fokker D.VIII:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/FokkerD8.psd.zip
Fokker Dr.1:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/FokkerDr1.psd.zip
Fokker E.III:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/FokkerE3.psd.zip
Gotha G.V:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/GothaG5.psd.zip
Halberstadt CL.II (early and late):   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/HalberstadtCL2.psd.zip
Halberstadt D.II:  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/HalberstadtD2.psd.zip

Hanriot HD1:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/HanHD1.psd.zip

Hanriot HD2:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/HanHD2.psd.zip

HP 400:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/HP400.psd.zip

Nieuport 11:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/Nieuport11.psd.zip

Nieuport 17:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/Nieuport17.psd.zip

Nieuport 17Brit:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/Nieuport17Brit.psd.zip

Nieuport 28:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/Nieuport28.psd.zip

Pfalz D.IIIa:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/pfalzD3.psd.zip
Pfalz D.XII:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/PfalzD12.psd.zip
R.E. 8:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RE8.psd.zip

Roland C.IIa:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/RolC2a.psd.zip

S-16:  https://rof.s3.amazo...emplate.psd.zip

S22 Muromets:   https://rof.s3.amazo...emplate.psd.zip 

SE5a:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/SE5a.psd.zip
Sopwith Camel:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/SopCamel.psd.zip
Sopwith Dolphin:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/SopDolphin.psd.zip
Sopwith Pup:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/SopPup.psd.zip
Sopwith Strutter and Strutter B:   https://rof.s3.amazo.../SopStr.psd.zip 

Sopwith Triplane:   https://rof.s3.amazo...riplane.psd.zip 

SPAD VII (early and late):   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/Spad7.psd.zip
SPAD XIII:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/Spad13.psd.zip



Pat Wilson Campaign Generator (latest version for RoF with RoF GUI Mod included):


Download version 3.3.2 for RoF from Pat's website, here: http://www.pwcampaig...web/PWCGRoF.php


A JSGME-ready copy of the older version (16.3.1) preferred by some folks as possibly being more stable, can be downloaded from my copy here:  http://www.mediafire..._for_JSGME.zip 


And a JSGME-ready version of the RoF PWCG GUI Mod for game version 1.037 can be downloaded from my copy, here:  http://www.mediafire..._for_JSGME.zip 



JSGME (superb mod-manager for use activating/deactivating mods):  http://www.mediafire...rsion_2.6.0.zip



RoF Key/Character Map Charts


Front:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/Key_Chart_Front.pdf

Rear:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/Key_Chart_Rear.pdf


Rise of Flight - Maps and other Content Images


RoF ICE Western Front Map (Adobe Illustrator file):  https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/ROFICE_Map_Print_Source.zip


RoF ICE Western Front Map (.pdf file):   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/ROF_ICE_Map_Front.pdf


RoF ICE Western Front Map (PhotoShop file):   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/ROFICE_Map_Source_Revised_11-13-11.zip


RoF ICE Map Rear - Dicta Boelcke:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/ROF_ICE_Map_Rear_Dicta_Boelcke.pdf


Official Rise of Flight Logo:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/Official_ROF_Logo.zip


Official 777 Studios Logo:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/Official_777_Studios_Logo.png


Rise of Flight Box Art:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/ROF_Box_Art.zip


Rise Of Flight Awards Poster:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/ROF_Awards_Poster.zip


Rise of Flight Awards/Medals:   https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/ROF_Awards_Medals.zip

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#686160 IL-2 Sturmovik: Flying Circus Volume I Announced

Posted by Jason_Williams on 17 November 2017 - 13:11

Attention Rise of Flight Pilots!


Today we announced our plans to produce a new WWI era simulation as part of the IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles series. It will be called Flying Circus - Volume I and it is planned to be the start of building all that you loved about ROF inside our Digital Warfare Engine that powers all our Sturmovik products. We hope you like this news and will follow our future development updates. Please see the official announcement on the Sturmovik forum for all the details announce so far.


Full Announcement is HERE!


Attached File  FlyingCircus_Artwork_SPAD_EN.jpg   160.69KB   39 downloads





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#681746 Rise of Flight community skin pack update

Posted by a_dineev on 08 June 2017 - 09:49

Today's small update adds support for community skinpack Vol. 19.
The packs add 36 historical and 277 fictional skins and can be downloaded here (they can be installed together or independently):
Attached File  Sp13In2.jpg   552.6KB   480 downloads

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#638998 Rise of Flight Max Speeds and Altitude Performance Chart - 2015

Posted by SeaW0lf on 16 June 2015 - 04:26

So guys, I created this altitude performance chart of most of the scouts we have in ROF. The data are theoretically very accurate because the measurements were performed across a distance of 75km, two or three times, and sometimes up to four runs. Interestingly, the difference in between the runs are almost inexistent, mostly 1-2 seconds difference in the planes with mixture control (it is algorithms after all). If you want to confirm the times, and you should if you want, I predict a difference of 0.2km to 0.3km, unless I made a mistake in the account.
That is, if there is nothing wrong with the methodology, this is the actual speed of the aircraft. If anyone wants to check the HUD chronometer (the source of my timing[1]) and compare it with true professional timer, like Olympics stuff, and a difference is detected, would be nice to determine the difference and make a conversion table.
[1] It runs at the same pace of sites like http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/ and http://www.time.gov/.
Below is the data:
And then the two-seaters / bombers chart (still in progress). 'Load' stands for only bombs. It is separated into two charts -- empty and load.
Below is the data:
Below is the data:
Below is the test methodology. 
Map: Summer Channel
Time: 09h28min
Temperature: 15ºC
Pressure: 760
No wind / no turbulence
100% fuel and ammo / no bomb loads or weapon mods
Course track: over the Channel
The tests of all planes start at 100m. I have done tests to 40m and 20m with planes with and without mixing control and no increase in speed was noted, in some cases even loss, as in the case of the Fokker Dr.I. So I kept all tests starting from 100m.
To calculate the average speed, it was divided 75000 meters (75km) by the time in seconds the airplane has traveled the route, then multiplied by 3600 (one hour). Example: Nieuport 17 at 100m took 1641 seconds to cross the 75000 meters of the track. 75000/1641 = 457038 X 3600 = 164,5km/h.
Every second of difference in between the runs corresponds to 0.1km/h.
At 100m, there is no visible difference from 100% to 60% fuel. They run at the same 1-2 seconds difference margin (IIRC, bomb loads makes a visible difference). Because of this, I did no further tests. All runs were made with 100% fuel and ammo.
The runs were solely made with the keyboard and level flight.
The time to hit the first balloon varies due to the angle of entry and the pre-run to settle the right mixture. But the course track is the same 75km distance.
The first value is the start of the run and the second value is the end of the run.
I attached not only all partial timings but template missions (from 100m to 5000m) for those who want to corroborate or improve the data with their own testing. You can use the template to create missions to other aircraft. I set it to start at 9am, better to calcutale the totals. It would also be nice if anyone wants to check the data (too many numbers for so many planes). If you like a particular plane, you can check to see if it is correct and then give a feedback. Or test intermediate altitudes, winter, autumn, with bomb loads, two-seaters, bombers, etc.
We could also use this topic to make a complete panorama of all Rise of Flight planes. So everyone can know precisely what the performance of each airplane is. If anyone wants to create missions for other planes and test it, would be nice. Or create a different methodology, but since the planes run by algorithms, I assume we could do a run with less than half the distance and still get the same max speed.
A detail; lets refrain ourselves from flight model bickering or baiting. The topic was not created to defend or question flight models, but to share information with the community. If someone wants to use the data to defend or question a flight model, create your own topic and make a link to this topic or use the data that was posted here. I am also attaching the Excel file with the chart (vide bellow the charts. This way you can add, remove or edit the chart for a particular post or for your particular liking. 
The measurements were made on the altitudes of 100, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 meters. I did not see any gain below 100m, sometimes even loss of speed. Therefore, it starts at 100m.
The track was laid on the Channel map, at sea, using balloons as landmarks. Below are some examples of how I marked the entry and exit of each run. For some reason I could not set the balloons above 1500m (or 2000m, I am not sure). Maybe someone experienced with the mission builder can give a simple explanation for that. 
The best way I found to time the entry and the exit of each run was with the external view (F4), since many planes have limited visibility to certain angles. At the altitude of 100m I used the balloon on the same level, passing on the side.
The aircraft altitude is always set to 29m above the desired mission altitude. If I wanted a run at 100m, I had to set the mission at 129. 29 meters is the altitude that the aircraft loses after respawning. It invariably settles 29 meters below, no matter the plane or the altitude.
Use the time compression (16X) to accelerate the mission and use the pause to mark and take note of the entry and exit time. I'm used to it (I do subtitles a lot) and my timing is very precise, but it can be problematic for those who do not type or do manual work. Give it a try.
Anyway, it was hard work but it was fun. Enjoy!

Attached Files

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#681803 Skin Pack Celebration - RoF Giveaway

Posted by Panthercules on 09 June 2017 - 03:58

In celebration of the devs finally releasing a new set of Volume 19 Skin Packs, I will award $50 worth of RoF gift codes ($10 each) to the first 5 folks who PM me (either here or on the BoS Forums, where I also mentioned this pledge) to let me know what RoF stuff they would like to try.


Maybe if they see an uptick in revenues and some new interest in skin creation activity for RoF resulting from this release, the devs might be persuaded not to wait quite so long before the next skin pack release.  Probably dreaming, but hey, most people had given up hope on this one and yet, here it is :)





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#656029 Legend of Murvaux: The Final Flight of Frank Luke Jr.

Posted by HotleadColdfeet on 30 January 2016 - 19:03

At last it’s finally here! :D :D :D Today signals the end of a journey for me. After 3 years of dreams and hard work, “Legend of Murvaux: The Final Flight of Frank Luke Jr.” has arrived at long last.



I would like to heartily thank all those here on the forums who encouraged me and/or gave valuable input on the variety of threads I started related to this project in some way or another during the last 3 years. You guys are why I made this film and it is you guys who made it possible in so many ways.


Salute! :icon_e_salute:

-         Hotlead


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#628213 New Rise of Flight website launched!

Posted by Zak_1CGS on 27 February 2015 - 13:28

Dear pilots!


We welcome you to the new and improved Rise of Flight website! We’ve done quite a lot of work in all directions - from complete replacement of the technology to all new graphical style - to make the site more convenient, easy and enjoyable for you. At the same time all you profiles have been kept in tact, so be sure that your old credentials are working here as always.


The new free-to-play version, Rise of Flight: United Edition is at last much more accessible now, and can easily be found on the main page. So if you decide to offer your friends to try out ROF, simply lead them to riseofflight.com, they won’t miss the right button. And now a few words about the store that received quite a lot of positive changes.


Firstly, we’ve added the long awaited virtual shopping cart. From now on you can put in it as many items as you can and, of course, get a discount depending on how many of them you’re buying.




Secondly, starting today we’re removing the border between field and weapon modifications. That old system was not particularly convenient, so we gathered all mods in packs for each plane. Furthermore, everyone who had only one type of modification on a plane gets the other one for free.

St.Mihiel campaign is now available for free. Vander, thank you again for this generous and kind decision.


To celebrate the launch of the new site and store we’re sending personalization packs as gifts to everyone. These are not just fancy attributes but an essential part of WWI combat aviation history as well, and we believe we should share them with the community more widely than just by selling these items. Also, field modifications for Focker E.III and Airco DH.2 are available for free from now on too.




Note that some prices on planes have been reduced slightly. For instance, $6.25 price tag turns into $5.99, which is nothing like a drastic change but still this saves you a penny or two. Rise of Flight forum has changed completely. At the same time we moved as much of the previously created forum content to the new forum engine as possible and established new and perspective boards for all WWI aviation fans and ROF players for many years to come. While moving the only content that left untransferred was polls and user pics. So let’s settle in already and upload new images. Speaking of the looks of the forum - we’re planning to change its skin to make it adequate to overall website style, game interface and the old colors you’re all used to. Please, pay no attention to the current forum skin - it’s a temporary solution because just like you we’re still getting used to ROF’s new home.


Enjoy the housewarming everyone! We believe that the new home will be kind and hospitable to both old friends and new pilots.

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#678351 Zig-Zag Forest Fix Mod (Western Front) - Released!

Posted by Panthercules on 07 March 2017 - 04:22

Well, I've finally finished the project I've been working on for a while, to get rid of the strange zig-zag forest lines found in many areas along the front lines of the Western Front map in the stock game, which look like the following:



Before Mod:

Attached File  RoF - Map zig-zag - last stock section left.jpg   447.09KB   8 downloads


After mod:

Attached File  RoF - Map zig-zag - last stock section - after fix.jpg   430.38KB   7 downloads



For details about the process leading up to this mod, see this thread:  https://riseofflight...orest-zig-zags/



I've put all the modified files (including both the on-the-ground fixes and the in-game display map tweaks so what you see on your map in game will essentially match the modified forest areas on the ground) into a JSGME-ready mod package, which is available here:




All you have to do is unzip the D/L package into your MODS folder and activate it with JSGME, then make sure you have "mods on" in your game and go enjoy the scenery again :)


I've tested this as well as I could given the time available (free-flying around up and down the front lines, and doing some career mode missions as well), and I think it's working just fine.  However, I haven't been able to cover the entire map so if anybody spots any unintended side effects or map/ground anomalies they think might be attributable to this mod please feel free to snap and post a screenshot of the relevant area (preferably like the one above, with your map up too so I can figure out where to look for the problem) and I'll be happy to check into it.


Hope y'all enjoy this as much as I am - those zig-zags have bugged me for years and I'm so glad to be rid of them finally.



SPECIAL THANKS to the following RoF Community members (without their help I never would have gotten this done):


BaronVonMyakin - who provided the info I so desperately needed about which files held the key and how to start manipulating them to achieve the desired result   :icon_e_salute:


=HillBilly= - who created a simple mission I could use to speed up the testing cycles (and taught me what I was doing wrong trying to use it)  :icon_e_salute:

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#674299 [Mod] - Zeppelin_v1.0 and ZeppelinAI_v1.0

Posted by Genius on 07 December 2016 - 23:32

Hi all,


After a long work, i can release my Zeppelin P type mod.


A big thank you to:

- ActionJoe
- Syn_Vander and Syn_Bandy for her help on damaged texture
- C6_Barda
- Eee3
- Lefuneste
- 1PL_Pedro
- Fritz Flipitz
- Tenwal for his support
Important disclaimer:
Given the absence of SDK, this model includes the following limitations:
- To be used preferably in mods on and with ZeppelinAI_v1.0 mod activated
- If you install the zeppelin_AI mod, they impact the felixtowe fe2a AI
- Do not hesitate to give a fairly large radius (at least 200m) in the waypoints and spaced between waypoints  
- Only certain animations are integrated (fuel leak, smoke, fire, motor damaged)
- Use of felix gunner for gondola / brandeburg W12 for top gunners
- not correct damaged model
- Use of felix fe2a flight model (because of is horizontal stand on landing)
- not flyable plane
The download links:
The readme


Mod Zeppelin V1.0

3D Model by Genius
Texture by ActionJoe / Genius with the kind participation of Fritz Flipitz (Aka T'zar) and C6_Barda
Mission and skins by ActionJoe
This mod implement Zeppelin P type:
- Zeppelin
- Zeppelin_static
- Zeppelin_Mission1b (Mission\Mods)
- New texture
- Modify material type for canopy glass interior / exterior
- Change 3D of the gunner deck
- Change 3D of Maybach motor
- Add opening behind gunner deck
- Add new gunner post
- Add static object
- Add visibility animation for damaged model
- Add Specific AI luascripts to match with the zeppelin performance
- Use filter color map for damaged texture
- Add mission by ActionJoe
- minor correction to the mission and luascripts adjsutments
- Add 3 skins for Zeppelin by Actionjoe
Disclaimer - Given the absence of SDK, this model includes the following limitations:
- To be used preferably in mods on and with ZeppelinAI_v1.0 mod activated
- If you install the zeppelin_AI mod, they impact the felixtowe fe2a AI
- Do not hesitate to give a fairly large radius (at least 200m) in the waypoints and spaced between waypoints  
- Only certain animations are integrated (fuel leak, smoke, fire, motor damaged)
- Use of felix gunner for gondola / brandeburg W12 for top gunners
- not correct damaged model
- Use of felix fe2a flight model (because of is horizontal stand on landing)
- not flyable plane




Mod Zeppelin_AI_V1.0

by Genius and ActionJoe
This mod revised the felixtowe IA for the use of the Zeppelin mod.
- To be used preferably in mods on for the Zeppelin_v1.0 mod
- If you install this mod, they impact the felixtowe fe2a AI
- Do not hesitate to give a fairly large radius (at least 200m) in the waypoints and spaced between waypoints  

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#669242 [Mod] Caudron G4 v1.0 - release

Posted by Genius on 18 September 2016 - 13:19

Hi all,


New mod development: the Caudron G4


Some screeshots:




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#633630 PWCG 16.3.1 Released 9/12/2015

Posted by PatAWilson on 25 April 2015 - 16:53

New PWCG Web Site


If squadron mates were not brought down by a known opponent, they survive.
Fixed: Player will now show up under squadron tab and not other units.
Fixed: Some major towns were not in the updated group file.  
Fixed: Personal skins would not be used if player changes pilots or planes in mission
Added missing ground objects
Return of moving front
Added Austrian skins by Gooseh
Added capability (and used it) to fix airfield takeoff orientation
Improved AAR by dividing reports into tabs
Fixed player not missing time for wounds
Fixed one area where ace deaths could be reported multiple times
Fixed overly high mortality rate in two seater squadrons
Fixed overly high rate of promotion in two seater squadrons
Fix victory allocation bug

Added S16
Added difficulty to claims - need to at least get the number of seats right.
Added artillery spot grid lines
Added tool tips (hover over something for a description)
Fixed excessive victories awarded to player
Fixed artillery spot missions
Fixed subtitles
Fixed mission briefing not appearing in game
Fixed Strutter load for photo, spotting, and scout loads

16.0 Test 3

Many fixes.



PWCG Test 2 has been posted.  Three big changes. 

1. Tarnopol map

2. Living world improvements

3. Major restructuring of PWCG internals.


#3 is something that you might not care about, but it is probably the biggest change of the lot.  PWCG had gotten to the point where it was very difficult to debug.  I did a major restructure to improve this.  Such changes are inherently high risk, so I really need help testing.  If you choose to use the 16 test download, make no mistake, you are testing :).  Please post feedback in this thread.


16.0 Test 2

Eastern Front Map
- Tarnapol Map
- Austrians
    - Use German and Hungarian names
    - Can transfer to/from German Air Service
- Russians
    - Can transfer to/from Allied Air Service
    - Added Ilya Muromets
    - Added Nieuport 17 Russian
One step closer to a living world
- Former squadron mates continue to exist after a transfer.
- Transfer back and they are still there.
- They continue to fly, score, transfer, and sometimes die.
- If a squadron mate transfers you might meet him in a totally unexpected place.
- Adjusted victory/death rates based on campaign simulations.
- Made AI members of high quality squads more likely to score.
Allowed transfers across any service (on the same side)
- Spend some time on loan to a different service or country
Slight delay in medal awards - will receive medal one mission after meeting criteria.
Made more use of skins
Fixed non historical ace victories not awarded
Fixed observers not awarded victories
Fixed medals not resulting in newspaper
Fixed several internal issues with regards to AAR
Medals are awarded on campaign generation - avoids flood of medals on the first mission

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#624831 Liberator's Tutorials

Posted by B24_LIBERATOR on 22 January 2015 - 02:16


I'm going to try and see if I can continue to put them all into one post, let's see what happens icon_e_biggrin.gif

Thanks to Trupobaw my tutorials are now nicely organized on steam!


I highly recommend reading the steam version over the forum version because it's organized much better and doesn't have posts in between.






PDF DOWNLOAD  courtesy of PikeStance



Unfortunately this terrible new forum has a very low limit for pictures added to a post, I've updated the thread which now has "LESSON No.6" on page 2.

What I'll do is make some sort of page to combine all the lessons into one page by page booklet, but for now the lessons are in numerical order on this thread.

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#689841 Come Fly With Us! (A ROF Promo)

Posted by HotleadColdfeet on 31 January 2018 - 18:44

Salute all! I've been working on an unofficial promo video for Rise of Flight since last September. Today, it is finally done. Thanks to all who helped make it possible. I hope that your passion shines through in this effort. Enjoy!  :icon_e_salute:




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#670515 Probably pre-Italian Front map

Posted by BaronVonMyakin on 09 October 2016 - 20:35

Eeehh friends, that lasts long time, much longer as I planed and wanted - but the progress is still going on.

Just a some picture to keep you warm  :icon_cool:


Attached File  ROF 2016-03-21 20-42-42.png   4.46MB   38 downloads

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#665271 Special Request

Posted by =HillBilly= on 02 July 2016 - 14:11

This July Fourth please take a moment and fire a volley of flares,(all colors) before your flight.



                                     Attached File  Annabelle.jpg   92.31KB   3 downloads



                                         How she did love fireworks





                                      Thank you.

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#652756 The Camel Pilots Awaken

Posted by Tycoon on 15 December 2015 - 20:07




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#691511 Community Policy on Cheating

Posted by J5_Baeumer on 04 March 2018 - 19:09

In light of the recent cheating incidents, we have formed a group of like-minded server owner/operators to share tools and policy regarding cheats and exploits in order to protect the integrity of the game.


Tools exist to identify pilots who cheat ("cheating" will be determined and enforced by the group of server owners/operators).


Bans of at least 1 month for the first offense may be assessed on New Wings, J5, JG1, Cuban's Syndicate and may be denied access to campaign/tournament events.


Pilots with a 2nd offense will be permanently banned as well as be publicly named in the forums.

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#674301 [Mod] - Zeppelin_v1.0 and ZeppelinAI_v1.0

Posted by Genius on 07 December 2016 - 23:41

Screenshots by ActionJoe:










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#670496 Plank and Marx's Duel now in cinema all around the world!

Posted by J2_Marx on 09 October 2016 - 14:33

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