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Hey there,
this is my first post on here. Just got into ROF. I am having an issue setting up my Saitek X52 with the throttle controller section. ... 0Blank.jpg

I am trying to set my mixture to the precision slider. Maybe even my radiator control. I have unmapped all other functions in game away from this slider and I have no luck at all.

My other option is to map the keys to the forefinger controls on the opposite side. ie the scroll wheel or the left right and up and down hat switch. I tried this and still no luck ... %20X52.jpg

I am a little lost why this wont work. If anyone has a good profile for the x52 (non pro) that would work for ROF, it would be appreciated. I did try the profile already provided by Saitek and it just will not work. It just comes up with an error.

I tried to use these -

Any help would be great. Thanks

Fri 13 May 2011, 00:05

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I'd suggest you leave the Saitek SST software alone and just create a generic .map file in ROF to start with that includes your preferred control assignments. I've never cared for or used any joystick software and have had no trouble binding that slider to mixture, a rotary to altitude throttle, or anything else with my X-52 Pro, or before that with my stock X-52.

My standard advice when setting controls: Each time you make a change to a control assignment, save it, and NOT to the default 'input' .map file, which can be overwritten by game updates.

That 'input' .map file has said pretty much all through ROF's existence:

// (Well, it is still possible, but on your own risk ;o))

That's from the very top of the page when you open it, so the devs have made it clear themselves from the get-go that making changes to it are a bad idea.

Just pick a name you'll easily recognize in the dropdown menu of the 'controls' GUI. Once you've created a good generic .map file with all of your preferred button and control device inputs, you can use it as a template later when/if you get into adjusting joystick response curves. Say you have that generic one selected (mine's just named 'x52' after the stick I use). When you change a response curve you then save it to something like 'sopcamel' or whatever the name of the plane it'll be used with is. Then you'll have that profile to use with that plane with all your desired buttons and such AND the modded response curves that can be called up in just a couple of seconds using the GUI in the main menu or in-cockpit.

I've made custom files for all of the planes and find it almost effortless to swap out as needed in SP or MP when I switch planes.

Now, I definitely recommend making copies of any .map you've created and storing them in a flash or external drive. They're the ONLY things you lose in the event of a system crash, though I was reminded recently that you might want to also save your snapview LuaScript files too. I don't use snap views and had forgotten these, but they take up almost no space and backing them up can't hurt. Everything else can be replaced from the disc and/or digitally downloaded. As I said, I've got these for every plane with lots of hours spent making them. I'd hate to have to redo all of these, and the cheapest flash drive will hold a zillion of them, cheap insurance.

These .map files are saved to your 'Input' folder, and I periodically save the collection to my flash drive so they're complete and current. If I had to do a fresh install, all I'd have to do is copy and paste them into that 'Input' folder from my flash drive and the sim would be restored to where I left it.

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