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Welcome to the Rise of Flight Store

Here is where you can purchase field modifications for Rise of Flight aircraft. Simply check the box for the field mod(s) you wish to purchase and then click the Buy button. You must have a Rise of Flight customer account, activated copy of the game and the aircraft itself to purchase a field mod for it.

Field Mods for the Albatros D.Va and SPAD XIII.C1 are already available to you and not available for additional purchase.

When you purchase multiple Field Mods you qualify for a quantity discount. The discount rate is determined by the number of Field Mods you buy at one time.

Refer to the chart below for the breakdown:

1 mod no discount
2 - 3 mods 25%
4 mods and more 50%

If you have any questions about your field mod purchase, please write to rof@777studios.net

Hanriot HD.1 $1.25

Sopwith Strutter $1.75


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Prices are quoted in USD
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