Welcome to the Free2Play version of Rise of Flight (Rise of Flight: United Edition)! This version can be played for an unlimited time and features three flyable aircraft with full access to all their features. This should not be viewed as just a simple demo, but more as a beginner version of the Full game. All features are the same with the only difference being the number of add-on content that is included.
You can purchase and add new aircraft and content to the Rise of Flight: United Edition. By downloading this edition you can now build your own custom version of ROF by adding airplanes and other content at your own pace through the ROF Store.
This Rise of Flight: United Edition includes the following:
  • - Flyable SPAD 13, Albatros D.Va, Nieuport 17 only in the Russian skin including
  • - Includes Field Modifications and Weapon Modifications for each plane
  • - Includes a Pilot Scarf and Streamer for each plane
  • - Full Access to Single Player and Multiplayer Modes for each aircraft
  • - Full Access to Career Mode
  • - Full Access to Gunner Positions in Bombers and Recon Aircraft in Multiplayer
  • - Two maps (current Western Front and Eastern Front (Unkraine))
To Install:
Step 1: Download the ROF Free2Play.zip file from the link below and save to a safe location on your computer.
Step 2: Unzip the contents to your hard drive and locate the Setup.exe file inside the folder and double click to launch the install routine.
Note: Please temporarily disable Windows UAC before installation to avoid a serious problem. This won’t harm your system and you can enable it again after install is complete. Make sure to also install all of the Microsoft libraries when prompted during the second part of the install.
Step 3: Follow the on-screen prompts about location, start menu, desktop icon etc. to complete installation.
Step 4: Run the ROF Launcher by double clicking the ROF Settings shortcut which was put on your desktop during install.
Step 5: Once in the launcher, select your game Settings and then click on Update to check for any updates.
Step 6: Install any updates if available and then click on Start and Start one more time to launch the game.
Step 7: Click on "Register Demo or Activate Retail Copy" from the main screen in-game to register a User Account.
Step 8: Enter the code below to Activate your copy of the Freee2Play version or enter your Retail key-code if you have already purchased one.

Free2Play Key-Code: 77777-77777-77777-77777-77771

Step 9: Once registered and activated, Login Online from the main screen to unlock your content.
The use of this software product is subject to the terms of End User License which you must accept before you install Rise of Flight.
For more information on ROF installation, activation and account management please watch the videos below:
Video #1 - Please watch this video for instructions on how to
Download and Install the Rise of Flight client.
Video #2 - Please watch this video for instructions on how to Launch,
Update and Activate your copy of Rise of Flight.
Video #3 - Please watch this video for instructions on how to manage your Rise of Flight User Account by Purchasing Content and Gifts, using your Forum Profile and Downloading Skin Packs.
Video #4 - Please watch this video for instructions
on how to set your joystick Curves in Rise of Flight