weptalo → 23. December 2014 12:24

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear Pilots,

The Christmas season is upon us and another year comes to a close. We’ve had a busy year with the release of BOS as well as updates for ROF including the release of the Ilya Muromets bomber and map.

Speaking of which, December 23rd, 2014 marks 100 years since the first Sikorsky S-22 unit was formed, establishing the long-range aviation. Do you think those early pioneers of flight could ever have dreamed about what we have done here? 2014 was one of our busiest years to date for the team and that could have only been possible with the continued support of the ROF community! The entire team wishes you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season filled with gifts and great memories.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the virtual pilots out there!


777 Studios Team

P.S. Holiday wallpaper for you :)

weptalo → 18. December 2014 08:46

Christmas Sale + ILYA Muromets release

Dear Pilots!

We've spent a week merging your Rise of Flight and ILYA Muromets accounts and now we're finally ready to park the plane in your virtual hangars. The Sikorsky S-22 is here to deliver some bomb loads where it's needed most. And if you purchased it on the ROF site then you'll get a nice addition of an Albatros D.III and a Russian Nieuport 17 with all field and weapons mods included. Both of these fighters and the S-22 bomber are featured in the included Eastern Front Campaign missions which you can play if you have the ILya Muromets in your account.

The earlier announced United Edition has also been released. This version upgrades the free-to-play edition adding one extra plane – the Nieuport 17 Dux along with making the Ukrainian map available to everyone.

Meanwhile we keep working on the new mouse control system and preparing for the updated Steam version and the winter holidays approach. That means that our traditional Christmas and New Year's sale is now upon us.

Have you been dreaming about a gift for yourself? Something mighty, with a cool engine sound, exquisite interior and made of ecology-safe materials? Well, we have literally tons of these machines that you can give yourselves. They come equipped with a 60% discount this Holiday Season! All planes (except ILya Muromets), weapon and field modifications, maps and personalization packs are included into our Christmas offer, which lasts from Thursday, December 18th 10 AM Pacific till Friday, January 2nd 10AM Pacific. Enjoy the up-coming holidays with you family and friends, and don't forget to use this time wisely - the ROF store and ROF Steam page offer lots of nice gift ideas.


LOFT → 11. December 2014 08:23

Rise of Flight: United Edition

Dear Pilots!

In the last 5+ years we've presented you over 40 massive updates, 30+ flyable aircraft, dozens of new versions and hundreds of fixes. And even after all this time, new players keep coming to ROF every day! We never thought that our very first project would remain that long in the stormy sea of the game industry and keep you interested. This is a fantastic success for us. Next year begins the 6th year of ROF and we think it will keep going strong. Thanks to everyone whose hands and hearts made this game possible! We'll be grateful to you, always.

Our small team has been on a long journey for last two years. We were busy discovering a new era - World War II. As you know, we’ve been working on IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad, which was been released this fall. Everyone in the studio was worried that we weren't paying much attention to Rise of Flight. But honestly, we just could not work on two projects of such scale simultaneously - there's only a few specialists capable of making flight-sims in the whole world, not to say in a little development team like ours. So, when IL-2 was released we sat down and started thinking about ROF. What can be done for players now? We read the emails and messages you sent us, studied players' comments everywhere on the web and came up with the decisions about what needs to be added to ROF.

A few months ago we announced the ILYA Muromets project in partnership with the Russian Historical Military Society and devoted it to the dawn of Russian aviation and Igor Sikorsky's plane in particular. We also launched an Early Access program for it recently. ILYA Muromets was initially designed to be a stand-alone product, but in response to requests by our customers, today we are changing that. This project has its roots in ROF and we received tons of requests, threats, bitterness and claims - all that to persuade us to add the bomber to Rise of Flight. Not everyone was able or willing to buy a separate product, but everyone wanted to try the plane in the big virtual universe that ROF provides. And we came to the decision to unite these projects, merge them into one game. All the IM content (the plane, map in three seasons and the historical campaign) will be added to ROF.

Thus, ilyamuromets.su and ilyamuromets.net will stop receiving new account registrations on December 11th. Personal accounts of all ILya Muromets users will be transferred into the Rise of Flight data base by December 18th. If the emails in IM and ROF are matching, all the content will be moved automatically. If you don't have a ROF account, then the IM account will be moved to ROF data base with all the IM content you own. In case if anything goes wrong and you need our assistance in merging the accounts, please, submit a ticket to our customer support, give them necessary information, and we'll get everything sorted for you as fast as we can.

Also, pre-order is going to open for Ilya Muromets bomber on riseofflight.com. The item includes the plane itself plus a historical campaign including 10 specifically designed missions.

Since the project is going to unite the two fronts (Western and Eastern) we've decided to update the free-to-play version of the game on our website. Starting with December 18th the free version will include 3 aircraft (SPAD 13, Albatros D.Va and the Nieuport 17 produced by the Russian Dux plant), and Western and Eastern front with 3 seasonal maps. Players can fly in all modes of gameplay for an unlimited time with these three aircraft without limitations: try it, let your friends try it too - the more the merrier.

Also the update on December 18th will be including many bug fixes that you have asked for along with some Flight Model tweaks that have long been requested by ROF users. However, FM tweaks are a very subjective topic and it has been our policy to try and stick to the research documents and technology we have at our disposal to lead us on this topic. And this issue is a source of never ending argument in the community and can really drive a wedge between us and our customers no matter how hard we try. However, we have taken into account the general comments on the forums about various FMs and attempted to tweak them to match the requests. But we need to warn everyone, changing FMs can lead to unforeseen technical issues and unintended consequences. The endless debates about flight models will likely continue no matter what we do or how hard we try to make it right. So, with that in mind, this is likely the last attempt to tweak existing FMs in ROF. We’ve given it our best shot and we hope you find them acceptable.

In addition we plan to upgrade the Rise of Flight website and forum using newer technologies and design solutions. This is scheduled for January 2015. A move like that requires a lot of time, all the more so because we want to keep and transfer all your posts correctly.

Throughout ROF’s existence, we've received many comments about the complexity or the controls in ROF aircraft and the need for a joystick to play. Some gamers have an interest in flying airplanes and even though they do not have a flight stick they still have desire to see the WWI planes in virtual action. As a result we are missing a clear opportunity. With the ILya Muromets we've started an experiment to try to implement mouse controls without simplifying the flight physics out. Player feedback from that experiment tells us that it was pretty successful. So, now we're planning to transfer the technology to ROF and apply it to all the planes in the game. This should help to attract new pilots which are very important to keep the aviation history of World War I alive in hearts and minds of gamers all over the world and grow the ROF community.

Our mouse control was specifically designed to not interfere with how each individual aircraft flies or their unique personalities. Our intention is not to make ROF easier, but to simply give a new input method to those that prefer it. They will die over No Man’s Land all the same. Pilot skill is STILL the most important factor in ROF aerial combat. Please welcome such new users with a Vickers or Spandau hand-shake!

All these updates will take us almost two months to be completed and released: we'll start on December 18th and plan to finish in January 2015. This renewal process starts today with transferring everything we made for ILYA Muromets project into Rise of Flight.

Thank you for being such a great and supportive community all these years! Long live Rise of Flight!

It is also the Holiday Season and we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy New Year wherever you are!

LOFT → 26. November 2014 10:16

Thanksgiving Sale!

Dear pilots,

Rise of Flight has been on the market for almost 6 years now. Thanks to you it remains to be the game that is alive: it's vast aerial spaces always have a scent of machine oil and powder fume, the life is flowing above the fields and hills, aerodromes and towns. It fuels the engines and their pilots' brave hearts. And that's you who's energising this world to keep ROF's seemingly iternal youth. Thank you, pilots!

And we're going to do our part in keeping the game in a good shape for years to come. Our actual plans are going to be announced later this winter, we'll share them wih you as soon as we are prepared for these next steps.

Meanwhile we would like to express our appreciation to your belief in ROF in the most traditional way - we're starting a big sale both in our Store and on Steam. We guarantee a 60% discount for anything you buy from November 26th 10AM Pacific till December 2nd 10AM Pacific. Be it an item that you have been wanting to have or a present for a friend - all released planes, weapon and field mods, personalization packs and maps - everything goes even cheaper than at half-price.

And of course we wish to say Happy Thanksgiving to our American customers!

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weptalo → 29. July 2014 10:19

Hanriot is released. Intrepid Flyers DLC goes to Steam.


Dear Pilots,

The Great War that became one of the deadliest conflicts in history paving the way for major political changes including revolutions in many of the nations involved began 100 years ago.

We’ve previously recognized the eve of the World War I Centennial with a big sale offering all Rise of Flight content for very tempting prices. And now when the anniversary itself has come we’ve got more good news for you – the Hanriot is released and availalble for purchase along with its Field and Weapon mods.

This is an elegant French biplane initially built to replace Nieuports for the Entente. Manufactured in France and flown primarily by Belgium on the Western Front, it was also flown by Italy and found success in the hands of Italian pilots. It’s also known for a second variant called the HD.2 that was not only sometimes modified with an extra machine gun, but was also fitted with floats to serve the French Navy. A few were even flown by U.S. Naval squads. So, buying the Hanriot in our store will get you both of these planes for the price of one.

We’ve also got some good news for the Steam-version players. We’ve assembled all the aircraft that were missing on Steam and packed them into a brand new DLC package called “Intrepid Flyers”. And all the modifications for the Hanriot, FE2b and Sopwith Strutter have been included in this package as well.  This DLC is going to become available in the store this week. Keep in touch with ROF Steam community and you won't miss it.

If you have a regular ROF account you can buy the new plane and mods for it in our store. If you have the game on Steam, please, follow this link.



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weptalo → 19. June 2014 08:03

Summer Sale June 19-30th

Dear Pilots,

Time flies faster than SPAD XIII, decades pass by one by one, and here we are, about to meet a grand anniversary – the World War I centenary. We all know that a war is always a tragedy and a breaking point in human history, but for us, it filled the sky as WWI is what gave us our beloved warbirds. Talented engineers were born back then in the beginning of the 20th century and they pushed aviation technology forward at a rapid pace that reverberates even today. And now, a century later, we’re still passionate about the very first fighters and bombers which fought over Europe. And luckily, there’s ROF so you can fly and experience some of what these early aviation pioneers experienced first-hand!

On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI we are launching a big sale to help those who look for a worthy history lesson. Everything is on sale for HALF PRICE! You'll find Aircraft, Weapon Mods, Field Mods, St. Mihiel Campaign, Personal Pilot Packs and even the Channel Map are all on sale for approx. 50% off their original price. The sale runs June 19th through June 30th. Be sure to take advantage of this chance to fill up your collection with the items you always wanted at a cheaper price. The Big Summer Sale starts now both on Steam and here at RiseofFlight.com!

weptalo → 25. April 2014 09:08

Big Anniversary Sale

Dear Pilots,

A big anniversary for Rise of Flight is getting closer and closer as we’re about to celebrate 5 years since the day our project was released on the global market. That’s quite an achievement for our plucky little WWI sim! The fun of flying wing-to-wing and with our unique WWI atmosphere is still there!

The anniversary day is May 7th, but we are going to start the celebration a little early. So we’re launching a big 50% sale for all of the ROF store content. As always it’s a great opportunity to get the planes and modifications you want most and to invite your fellow flight sim lovers to join the game’s universe while it’s so affordable. The sale will last for 14 days (from April 25th till May 8th) and will cover both riseofflight.com and Steam.

Check out the SALE prices now and join the BIG anniversary sale in Rise of Flight.


Steam sale starts at 10:00 PST

weptalo → 25. February 2014 08:05

Pre-order Hanriot and Enjoy the Sale

Dear Pilots,

The winter is passing us and it's time to recall a couple recent events in the Rise of Flight world. First of all, let us remind you about the Gladiators 4x4 tournament that took place in December 2013 just before Christmas. In this “Duel challenge” for virtual squads, 9 teams faced each other in exciting dogfight events for 2, 4 and 8 pilots per arena. The event gathered players from Europe and the US and after several days of intense combat that the winners were crowned. The three winning teams collected prize money totaling $2400. We’re always glad to support creative community ideas and anyone has a chance to make a full scale tournament and count on our support.

Along those lines, Jasta 5 is preparing another Bloody April multiplayer event. Check the ROF forum for more details. It’s shaping up to be an interesting event with some additional objects, new airfields and changes to the Lens sector on the map. Also, if you like hyper-historical single player, don’t forget to check out Pat Wilson’s Campaign Generator. He’s done a tremendous job utilizing all of ROF’s mission creating technology. It’s a lot of fun and very well done. Check this area in the forum for more information. http://riseofflight.com/Forum/viewforum.php?f=394

This year marks the 5th anniversary of the retail release of ROF. We’re not as young as we used to be, but we still have a couple of aces up our sleeve. And today we’re happy to reveal to you the first element of our release plan for this year– meet the Hanriot HD.1 which is now available for pre-order! This is an elegant French biplane initially built to replace Nieuports for the Entente. Manufactured in France and flown primarily by Belgium on the Western Front, it was also flown by Italy and found success in the hands of Italian pilots. The HD.1 was a light and maneuverable aircraft that first saw combat in 1917. Several became distinguished aces flying this machine. It’s also known for a second variant called the HD.2 that was not only sometimes modified with an extra machine gun, but was also fitted with floats to serve the French Navy. So when you pre-order the HD.1 you are actually getting two machines: a plane with classic land gear and a hydroplane. We have no doubt that you can put both types to good use and enjoy them – at least as much as we enjoyed making them for you.

But that’s not all, to celebrate these two events and to arrange a warm transition to spring-time, here is a new big sale in the ROF store. Everything goes for half-price, with one traditional exception for pre-order items. If you haven’t been generous to yourself lately and find yourself wanting a plane that would make you a happy pilot – this is your chance! And don’t forget about the Channel map – there’s so much water around there for your new Hanriot floatplane.

Check out the sale prices and make yourself or your friends happy with some new Rise of Flight aircraft or mods! You deserve it!

Sale ends on March 4th


weptalo → 19. December 2013 09:28

Sopwith Strutter 1 1/2 and Christmas Sale

The end of the year is traditionally rich in holidays. And as always we enter this cheery period with an armful of gifts.

First and foremost, as we promised a couple of weeks ago, it’s time to release the Sopwith Strutter 1 ½! And we have a surprise for you. Not only will get the 2-seater version, we have also included a single-seat version as a special Christmas present! We hope you will like it.

You will get your hands on it right after the client update on December 19th. This has been a long-awaited addition to the ROF collection of aircraft and it's finally ready to roll into your hangars. Please note that the Strutter will be released later for the Steam version, included in a new DLC package that is yet to be announced.

Second, it’s time for our Christmas & New Year sale in the ROF Store! Don't miss a chance to grab more WWI classic warbirds and get twice as any gifts for the same price. Our airplanes also make great gifts for your flight-simming friends!

For two whole weeks, from December 19th till January 2nd you will be able to purchase ANY Rise of Flight product with a 50% discount! Everything (except the newly released Sopwith Strutter) goes at half-price or more: planes, weapon and field mods, personalization packs and maps are all on sale!

Let the holidays begin early and check out our Store today! (the sale itself starts around 20:00 UTC/GMT)

weptalo → 27. November 2013 12:35

New Sopwith, New Sale, New Tourney

Dear Friends!


After a long break between updates we present you a new WWI era aircraft. This time it is Sopwith Strutter 1 1/2. Of course it was the age of brilliant machinery masterpieces: some of them have already received a virtual copy in the game, others still remain as ideas and beautiful plans. The Strutter 1 1/2 has stayed as just an idea for quite a long time even though we saw its live prototype several years ago, at the Le Bourget workrooms in 2009.

This machine is often called one of the symbols of the era. And it is unique and legendary indeed. The Strutter turned out to be a very successful model that was manufactured far not only in Britain, but later gave birth to a whole generation of Sopwith planes sharing some of the original unchanged elements.

It took its name from the arrangement of the upper wing center section - "one-and-a-half" (long and short). There also was an air brake that was used to significantly decrease the runway needed for take-off. This outstanding two-seater saw service to the end of the war (serving for the French air force and took part in battles against German fighter groups. It also used to take off from the top of naval guns - a in word it left a bright trail in the history of aviation. We are proud to present this plane to you.

Thanks to everyone who made its creation possible by placing pre-orders. Without your help the machine would have probably remained only as blueprints.

The Strutter is now almost ready. We are doing some fine tuning before giving it to your computers. The plane will be released by the end of December 2013.

Check out the screenshots below.

Winter is coming, and another year of virtual aerial battles and brilliant triumphs is rapidly coming to the end. We believe this is the perfect time to prepare for the Christmas season and grab some excellent gifts. So to kick-off the Holiday season we are launching big week-long sale!

From November 27th till December 4th you will be able to purchase ANY Rise of Flight product with a 50% discount! Be it a item that you have been wanting to have or a present for a friend - all released planes, weapon and field mods, personalization packs and maps - everything goes at half-price!

Open the Store section and check out the discounts.

Also, we wish to say Happy Thanksgiving to our American customers!

Finally, 777 Studios and 1C Game Studios are excited to announce the coming Rise of Flight Gladiators 4v4 International Duel Championship for 2013.

Gladiators tournaments for virtual pilots have been held since 2009, but this is the first time ever it is going to be held featuring Rise of Flight.

Gladiators 4v4 is a special kind of flight sim cyber-sporting event that in some ways is similar to elite sport team challenges. Participants take part in individual duels, pair duels and squad vs. squad battles. The tournament will give players a chance to show their combat and tactical skills as virtual WWI pilots.

The tournament rules are specially designed to boost the suspense and makes pilots fight to the last bullet and the last drop of fuel. Victory will demand maximum concentration and the will to win.

Click HERE to learn more about the up-coming tourney.






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